Flex Streets Update

At the September 16, 2021 BPAC meeting, Greg Minor, Assistant to the City Administrator in the Economic & Workforce Development Department, provided an update on the city’s Flex Streets program, Oakland’s program for outdoor merchant activity including café seating, parklets and street closures. This presentation also provides details about the scope of the program evaluation currently underway, including administrative review, fiscal analysis, and design standards.

OakDOT staff is seeking to finalize recommendations for City Council by March 2022. The public is encouraged to submit comments in the next couple of months.

The previous presentation at BPAC was at the July 16, 2020 meeting.

Meeting minutes will be added after approval.

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E-Scooter Locking Policy Change Proposal

At the August 19, 2021 BPAC meeting, Kerby Olsen, OakDOT New Mobility Supervisor, led a discussion of proposed changes to E-scooter parking rules. Representatives from shared E-scooter operators in Oakland were also in attendance.

Amy Falkenstein, Operations Manager at Lime, gave a presentation on the E-scooter locking policy change proposal. The full presentation is below.

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I-980 Redevelopment Project

At the August 19, 2021 BPAC meeting, Warren Logan, Policy Director of Mobility and Interagency Relations, gave a presentation on the potential redevelopment project to remove/cap Interstate-980. The Mayor’s Office has completed a partnership study with the Urban Leaders Fellowship program to develop an equitable engagement strategy. The Mayor’s Office and the Oakland DOT plan to meet with Caltrans District 4 project managers to identify ways to align with the State DOT’s ‘Vision 980’ project which will develop right of way concepts and alternatives for Interstate-980. Lastly, Warren shared details about the Mayor’s Office’s State and Federal advocacy for programming grant funds for the I-980 redevelopment and affordable housing.

Project background

Related: “A freeway separates West Oakland from downtown. Biden’s infrastructure bill could help get rid of it.” Mercury News, 11 May 2021. Lead photo by Jane Tyska.

The presentation is below.

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Biannual Update on Paving Plan

At the August 19, 2021 BPAC meeting, Sarah Fine, OakDOT Paving Program Manager, provided the biannual update on the 2019 3-Year Paving Plan. An excerpt is below, followed by the full presentation.

3-Year Paving Plan — Remaining
40+ Miles Local Streets

Fall 2021 Major Projects (6+ Miles)

  • W Grand Ave (Mandela to Market)
  • West St (W Grand to MLK)
  • E 15th St & Foothill (1st Ave to 14th Ave)
  • Telegraph (29th to MacArthur)

Spring 2022 Major Projects (2+ Miles)

  • Broadway (6th to 11th, 20th to Grand Ave)
  • High St (Foothill to Tompkins)

3-Year Paving Plan — Not Deliverable by June 2022

Major Projects (7+ Miles)

  • 14th St (Brush to Oak) (ATP Grant Coordination)
  • 52nd St (MLK to Shattuck) ([Lack of] Staff resources)
  • 7th St (Mandela to Market) (ATP Grant Coordination)
  • Broadway (Embarcadero to 6th) (Pending Oakland A’s)
  • Franklin (6th to Broadway) (Staff resources)
  • Grand Ave (Broadway to MacArthur) (Staff resources)
  • Lakeside Dr (Jackson to E 12th St) (Staff resources)
  • MLK (47th to City Limit) (Staff resources)

Draft 2022 5-Year Paving Plan

  • Develop 5-year street list and 10-year capital plan to bring Oakland streets to average PCI 60
  • Deliver $300M+ in paving construction Rehabilitate and maintain local streets to improve neighborhood quality of life
  • Identify staffing and capital facilities needs to sustain long-term in-house program
  • Anticipate a second bond measure and identify consequences of failed measure
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E-Bike Library and ZEV Plan

At the July 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, Kerby Olsen, New Mobility Supervisor at OakDOT, introduced the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Action Plan and the upcoming Electric Bike Library. Topics explored in the ZEV Plan include the installation of electric vehicle chargers in the public right of way, increasing access to ebikes and e-scooters, and encouraging cargo bike delivery services. The Electric Bike Library is a grant-funded, $1,000,000 project to purchase 1,000 electric bicycles and make them available for medium- or long- term rental at low cost through existing bike shops and bike programs.

Join the ZEV e-mail list here and learn more about the ZEV Action Plan here, as well as the ZEV Action Plan Story Map.

The full presentation is below.

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Annual Report from Strategic Planning

At the June 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, Laura Kaminski, Acting Strategic Planning Manager, gave an update on existing and new projects including: the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan, an Impact Fee Update, and a General Plan Update.

Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) — Mobility Objectives:

  • Improve access and safety for pedestrians;
  • Create a world-class transit network linking Oaklanders to downtown
  • Develop a connected network of low-stress bicycling facilities
  • See map (in presentation) of Proposed Low-Stress Short-Term and Vision Bicycle Networks

Transportation Impact Fee 5-Year Update:

  • Update fee schedule from 2016 nexus study based on inflation along with Appendix B – what is necessary to fund cumulative CEQA traffic mitigation costs.
  • Provide additional fee schedule to fund list of potential citywide transportation projects not included in Appendix B.
  • Provide additional fee schedules to fund list of specified transportation projects included in the (1) Downtown Specific Plan (DOSP) and (2) Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal Project (offsite transportation projects, not direct impacts of Howard Terminal project)

General Plan Update Schedule

  • 2021 spring and summer: Approach and Consultant Team Selection
    • General Plan Update Memo
    • RFP for Consultant Team (Council – September)
    • Backbone CBO as part of consultant team
  • 2021 fall: Official Kick-off
  • 2023, January: Adoption of Housing, Safety, and Environmental Justice Element
  • 2025, July: Adoption of Land Use, Transportation, Noise, Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation Elements

The full presentation is below.

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Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets Project, 20th-29th Street

At the June 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, Ryan Russo, Director of the Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT), presented a brief history of bike facilities on Telegraph Avenue in Koreatown Northgate (KONO); provided an overview of what we’ve learned since the installation of an interim project in 2016; and presented an overview of the proposed recommendation to install enhanced buffered bike lanes with active curb management, which City Council will consider later this month. Director Russo shared how the public can continue participating in the Telegraph Avenue Complete Streets Project.

What we’ve learned (2013-2019)

  • The good:
    • The number of people walking and biking doubled
    • People driving are three times more likely to yield to people crossing the street
    • People walking and biking report feeling safer with the bike lane than with the five-lane condition
    • Motor vehicle volumes have remained steady, but 85th percentile speeds have decreased closer to the posted speed limit of 25 mph
  • The less good:
    • Reported collisions involving people walking and biking increased by 33%
    • People driving park in the bike lane
    • Bike lane and intersection visibility concerns
    • Pedestrian visibility concerns
    • Anecdotal reports of increased near-miss collisions
    • Maintenance challenges
    • Businesses report negative impacts
    • Aesthetic concerns

The full presentation and summary of discussion are below.

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