BPAC 2021 Draft Strategic Plan Update

At the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, BPAC Strategic Planning Committee member, Jesse Jones, led the BPAC in a discussion on updating the BPAC Strategic Plan from 2020. View the presentation below and the full list of Goals and Tasks here.

Purpose of the Strategic Plan

  • Philosophically: Formalize our Commission’s values and work plan for the upcoming year.
  • Logistically: Help the Chair/Vice Chair and OakDOT Staff plan the agenda and coordinate with presenters.

Summary of 2020

  • Emphasis on Community Outreach/BPAC presence: Significantly affected by COVID but built internal awareness
  • Legislative Actions: Focused attention of the Committee
  • Police Relations Committee: Successful partnership with OakDOT

2021 Goals

  • Goal 1: Be strong advocates of bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Goal 2: Be a conduit for information on bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • Goal 3: Encourage equity driven investments and policies and advocate for the bicycle and pedestrian community.
  • Goal 4: Build relationships with policymakers and provide feedback on pedestrian and bicycle policy.
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BPAC 2021 Legislative Committee Recommendations

At the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, BPAC Legislative Committee Lead Commissioner Gardner led the commission in a discussion about the Legislative Committee’s recommendations of priorities.

Proposed BPAC Safety Priorities (Local Legislative)

  1. Street Safety Legislation
    • Flexibility to implement traffic calming measures as determined necessary
    • Standardize/Expedite neighborhood traffic calming installations and/or permits
  2. Quick Fix Traffic Calming Budget Request – Tactical temporary installations
    • Bollards (i.e. Flex Posts)
    • Paint for crosswalks
    • A-Frames
    • Other: Speed Feedback Signs, informal (i.e. planters)
  3. Speed Limit Reductions
    • Authority to Reduce Downward Around Schools, (and Parks, and other essential services)
    • Consider a Citywide 30mph Speed Limit Maximum
  4. Equitable Enforcement Strategies
    • Proposal to shift minor traffic enforcement to OakDOT
    • Red light camera pilot project (with privacy and equitable distribution provisions)

The full presentation is below.

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Annual Update of Major Development Projects

At the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, Catherine Payne and Audrey Harris, key members of the major projects review team, reported on current development applications under consideration (and recently approved), and shared how to participate in the application review process. The presentation is below, which highlights the four major projects in development:

  • 98th & San Leandro PUD (planned unit development): Multiple phase project, including new streets, 399 residential units, 9 work/live units, 2,500 sf ground floor retail. Market rate (no affordable units). Status: PUD and infrastructure FDP approved, 12/20
  • Lake Merritt BART TOD (transit-oriented development), ENA awarded 2018: 517 du (44% affordable), 500,000 sf commercial. Status: Application review underway.
  • Oakland Waterfront Ballpark District (aka Howard Terminal): Up to: 35,000 seat capacity sports stadium, 3,500 seat capacity entertainment venue, 2.27 million sf commercial development, hotel facilities, 18 acres open space, 3,000 dwelling units, 8,900 parking spaces (max). Status: Draft EIR publication anticipated in Q1, 2021.
  • West Oakland BART TOD: 762 dwelling units (20% affordable) in 3 buildings, 440,000 sf commercial (PUD approved 2/6/19). Status: FDPs for 2 buildings (including affordable housing) and infrastructure approved November 2020.
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OakDOT Budget and Organizational Update

At the January 21, 2021 BPAC meeting, Ryan Russo, OakDOT Director, and Ariel Espiritu-Santo, OakDOT Agency Administrative Manager, provided an overview of the current organization including updates to department leadership, the vacancy rate, and 2020 accomplishments. Additionally, Mr. Russo and Ms. Espiritu Santo provided an update on the Fiscal Year 21-23 budget process that is underway.

The presentation is below.

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OakDOT Org Chart

The OakDOT organization chart is below, as shared in the January 21, 2021 BPAC agenda packet [PDF] for the agenda item “OakDOT Budget and Organizational Update”.

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Slow Streets Interim Findings Report and Implementation

At the December 17, 2020 BPAC meeting, Megan Weir, OakDOT Safe Streets Division Manager, presented on the Slow Streets program including the Slow Streets Interim Findings Report and implementation of the recommendations since its release in September including more durable treatments, new signage, and corridor-level engagement on the future of the program. More information about the program, including the Interim Findings Report, is on the Slow Streets webpage.

The full presentation is below, and you can view the full report (September 2020) here.
Oaklandside also wrote an article about Slow Streets: “What do we know about Slow Streets and safety? Here’s what data and residents have to say.” 25 Nov 2020.

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Safe Oakland Streets (SOS) Initiative Update

At the November 19, 2020 BPAC meeting, BPAC Commissioner and lead of the Bicyclist/Pedestrian and Police Relations Committee, Phoenix Mangrum, and OakDOT Transportation Planner, Audrey Harris, will update the commission on progress on public safety efforts, including the Safe Oakland Streets Initiative, an equity-centered analysis to inform traffic safety and crash prevention.

Goals of Safe Oakland Streets

  1. Eliminate severe and fatal injury inequities that exist today in Oakland
  2. Prevent severe and fatal crashes from happening in the first place.
  3. Inform safety strategies that prevent injury and injury inequities and do not have adverse equity impacts on communities of color and low-income populations

View the full presentation below.

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Fruitvale Alive! Project

At long last, OakDOT is approaching Final Design for the Fruitvale Alive! Project.

At the November 19, 2020 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner on the Great Streets Planning & Project Development Team, Charlie Ream, will be presenting on this project.

The Fruitvale Alive project is an ATP-funded project to install sidewalk-level protected bike lanes to connect the Fruitvale Ave Bridge with Fruitvale BART Station and E12th Street. In addition to closing a critical gap in the City’s protected bike infrastructure, the project will connect to a new segment of the Bay Trail at the southern end of Fruitvale Avenue and will address problematic “pork chop” islands at E12th Street. OakDOT has reached Final Design of the project and expects to advertise for construction in January 2021.

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