Neighborhood Bike Route Implementation Guide – Draft

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Jennifer Stanley, OakDOT staff from the Bicycle & Pedestrian Section led a discussion on Neighborhood Bike Routes. This draft Neighborhood Bike Route Implementation Guide is an update from the previous draft presented at the June 4, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting.

This Guide provides detailed direction on implementing the neighborhood bike route recommendations in Let’s Bike Oakland!, the City of Oakland’s Bicycle Plan (2019).

The City of Oakland’s Bicycle Plan, Let’s Bike Oakland! (2019) proposes 74 miles of neighborhood bike routes, defined as:

  • Calm local streets where bicyclists have priority but share roadway space with automobiles.
  • Includes shared roadway bicycle markings on pavement and additional traffic calming measures like speed humps or traffic diverters to keep streets comfortable for bicyclists
  • Comfortable for bicyclists with wider range of comfort levels

The Bicycle Plan outlines four actions for streets designated as neighborhood bike routes: Improving Major Street Crossings; Reducing or Preventing Speeding; Preventing High Car Volumes; and Increasing Pavement Quality. These actions are addressed in the guidance below…

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