Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Library Bike Programming

At the September 16, 2021 BPAC meeting, Commissioner and Oakland Public Library staff RB led a discussion on bicyclist programming efforts happening at the MLK Library located at 6833 International Blvd. Anthony Propernick and Manuel Hernandez, staff with the Oakland Public Library, provided an overview of the library’s bicycle services at the 81st Ave Library, Martin Luther King Jr Library, and other locations in partnership with the Scraper Bike Team and EBALDC.

Jason Cook, OakDOT staff, provided an update on capital improvements being made to support such programming. Modified shipping containers will be installed to create a workshop, storage, and space for programming. OakDOT is partnering with the Oakland Public Library on these improvements, funded primarily by the Transformative Climate Communities grant. OakDOT is helping with the design, construction, and additional funding to prepare the site for the new repurposed shipping containers. This item was introduced by Commissioner Lok.

The presentation and summary of discussion are below.

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Flex Streets Update

At the September 16, 2021 BPAC meeting, Greg Minor, Assistant to the City Administrator in the Economic & Workforce Development Department, provided an update on the city’s Flex Streets program, Oakland’s program for outdoor merchant activity including café seating, parklets and street closures. This presentation also provides details about the scope of the program evaluation currently underway, including administrative review, fiscal analysis, and design standards.

OakDOT staff is seeking to finalize recommendations for City Council by March 2022. The public is encouraged to submit comments in the next couple of months.

The previous presentation at BPAC was at the July 16, 2020 meeting.

Meeting minutes will be added after approval.

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September 2021 BPAC Agenda

Thursday, September 19, 2021; 6:00-8:00 pm, online and by phone.

Agenda topics include:

  • Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Library Bike Programming
  • Update on Flex Streets
  • Committee Report-Back


  • Leading Pedestrian Interval Downtown Project
  • Paint the Town Program Relaunch
  • Sideshow Prevention Pilot
  • 8th Street West Oakland Traffic Calming Project

More details below.

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E-Scooter Locking Policy Change Proposal

At the August 19, 2021 BPAC meeting, Kerby Olsen, OakDOT New Mobility Supervisor, led a discussion of proposed changes to E-scooter parking rules. Representatives from shared E-scooter operators in Oakland were also in attendance.

Amy Falkenstein, Operations Manager at Lime, gave a presentation on the E-scooter locking policy change proposal. The full presentation is below.

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