General Plan Update

At the April 21, 2022 BPAC meeting, Strategic Planning Manager for the City of Oakland Planning Department, Laura Kaminski, presented on the upcoming General Plan update. The presentation and summary of discussion are below.

The City of Oakland is undertaking a comprehensive General Plan Update process in two phases. Phase I includes the update of the Housing and Safety Elements of the General Plan; creation of the City’s first Environmental Justice Element; associated amendments to other Elements of the General Plan, along with Zoning Code and map updates; Racial Equity Impact Analysis, and an Industrial Land Use Study. Phase I is anticipated to be completed by early 2023.

Phase II includes the update of the Land Use and Transportation Element (LUTE); Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation Element (OSCAR); Noise Element; and the development of a new Infrastructure and Facilities Element. Phase II work also includes zoning updates and CEQA review. The Phase I process will help inform the components of Phase II. Phase II is anticipated to be completed by mid-2025.

The Draft 2023-2031 Housing Element is currently open for public review from May 12, 2022 to June 13, 2022.

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Annual Report from Strategic Planning

At the June 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, Laura Kaminski, Acting Strategic Planning Manager, gave an update on existing and new projects including: the Downtown Oakland Specific Plan, an Impact Fee Update, and a General Plan Update.

Downtown Oakland Specific Plan (DOSP) — Mobility Objectives:

  • Improve access and safety for pedestrians;
  • Create a world-class transit network linking Oaklanders to downtown
  • Develop a connected network of low-stress bicycling facilities
  • See map (in presentation) of Proposed Low-Stress Short-Term and Vision Bicycle Networks

Transportation Impact Fee 5-Year Update:

  • Update fee schedule from 2016 nexus study based on inflation along with Appendix B – what is necessary to fund cumulative CEQA traffic mitigation costs.
  • Provide additional fee schedule to fund list of potential citywide transportation projects not included in Appendix B.
  • Provide additional fee schedules to fund list of specified transportation projects included in the (1) Downtown Specific Plan (DOSP) and (2) Waterfront Ballpark District at Howard Terminal Project (offsite transportation projects, not direct impacts of Howard Terminal project)

General Plan Update Schedule

  • 2021 spring and summer: Approach and Consultant Team Selection
    • General Plan Update Memo
    • RFP for Consultant Team (Council – September)
    • Backbone CBO as part of consultant team
  • 2021 fall: Official Kick-off
  • 2023, January: Adoption of Housing, Safety, and Environmental Justice Element
  • 2025, July: Adoption of Land Use, Transportation, Noise, Open Space, Conservation, and Recreation Elements

The full presentation is below.

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