February 2023 BPAC Agenda

Thursday, February 16, 2023; 6:00-8:00 pm, online and by phone.

Agenda topics include:

  • IKE Smart City Kiosk and Coordinated Street Furniture Program
  • Slow Streets Update


  • BPAC Agenda Sign-Up List
  • East 12th Street Bikeway Project Update:
    OakDOT is planning to apply to the Safe Routes to BART program, Cycle 2, to support the E. 12th Street bike project.
  • 8th Street West Oakland Traffic Calming Project Interviews:
    Bicyclist and Pedestrian Program staff conducted interviews with seventeen residents of 8th Street to engage more deeply with residents about the neighborhood and project outcomes.

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Adeline St Paving/Road Diet

At the January 12, 2023 BPAC Infrastructure Meeting, Robert Prinz, committee co-chair, presented this project for discussion.

Robert noticed extensive utility work on Adeline Street in West Oakland which resulted in repaving for a long segment that was recommended for bike lanes in the bike plan.

  • Followed up with bike program staff to ask if coordination with the utility on re-striping with bike lanes was possible, instead up just re-striping to previous configuration.
  • Also followed up with some West Oakland resident contacts and a bike shop owner, who in turn followed up with Councilmember Fife, who in turn followed up with the DOT to express support for the effort.
  • Robert checked in a few times with staff for updates, but for the most part stayed out of their way from that point on.

    Several months later, the new striping was installed, including a road diet with buffered bike lanes from 35th St to 18th St, and new high-visibility crosswalks at multiple locations.

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Slow Streets Update

At the January 12, 2023 BPAC Infrastructure Meeting, OakDOT staff Jason Patton to presented an update on Slow Streets before publicizing it in late January. An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation [PDF] and presentation notes and discussion notes.

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