Supporting the East Bay Greenway: Recent Work by the Bay Area Trails Collaborative

At the May 25, 2023 BPAC meeting, Laura Cohen, Western Region Director for the Rails to Trails Conservancy, presented results of recent work related to the East Bay Greenway: a Multi-jurisdictional Maintenance Strategy Report and a Low-Stress Connectivity Analysis.

An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation.

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East Bay Greenway – Updated Design

At the September 15, 2022 BPAC meeting, Matthew Bomberg, Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) Senior Transportation Engineer, will provide a presentation on the East Bay Greenway project, a regional active transportation project being planned and implemented by Alameda CTC in partnership with the City of Oakland. The project is identified in local and regional plans, including the City’s Bike Master Plan and Measure BB Transportation Expenditure Plan. Alameda CTC is currently developing conceptual plans and conducting community engagement and environmental studies for an East Bay Greenway project which can be implemented in a near-term (3-5 year) timeframe.

The full presentation is below.

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East Bay Greenway: Phase 2

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Manuel Corona gave a presentation on East Bay Greenway Phase II.

Project background

  • FTA and AHSC funding used for this portion of EB Greenway
  • Continuation of first segment of trail already built east of Coliseum BART (73rd to 85th) completed November 2019
  • Grant used to incorporate striping improvements to connect 69th to 75th (Bike lanes)

Project timeline

  • Project currently at 65% design
  • 100% design by March 2021
  • Construction: January through June 2023

Notes from the discussion, and the presentation and 65% design plans are below.

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