KONO Rapid Response

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Hank Phan, OakDOT staff presented on the KONO (Koreatown-Northgate-Waverly) Rapid Response Project.

OakDOT is finishing up a permanent design for Telegraph Avenue from 20th St. to 29th St. that will be constructed in 2021. In the meantime, the Department will install interim treatments in 2020 that address lessons learned from the 2016 street design currently on Telegraph Ave.

The interim treatments are:

  1. Bollards between bike lane and parking, and around beige painted safety zones
  2. Clear and more frequent stencils to indicate the lane against the curb is in fact a bike lane
  3. Slower right turns with special turning speed humps
  4. Restricting left turns and through movements at key intersections with bollards (23rd St., 25th St., and Sycamore St.)

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