Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 6 Grants

At the July 21, 2022 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner Manuel Corona, presented on two projects, the Bancroft Avenue Greenway project and the 73rd Avenue Active Routes to Transit project. These projects were heard at the February 17, 2022 BPAC meeting and have been submitted as Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant applications for the June 15th deadline. Staff requested the commission review the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Complete Streets Checklists for each project and share comments back to Manuel Corona by July 28th, 2022.

The Bancroft Ave Greenway project seeks to provide a low-stress Class I multi-use path on the existing Bancroft Avenue median from 73rd Avenue to 103rd Avenue. This will involve dedicated bicycle signals at all intersections and new pedestrian-scale lighting. In addition, this project will install new wayfinding signage, benches, landscaping and spaces for people to meet or picnic. This project is a result of community engagement for multiple planning efforts and was previously submitted to the ATP Cycle 5 grant.

The 73rd Ave Active Routes to Transit project will connect three transit hubs by upgrading existing Class II bike lanes to Class II Buffered bike lanes. This will provide more separation from motor vehicles. This project will also install two concrete protected intersections at International Blvd and Bancroft to provide spaces for bicyclist and pedestrians to wait and shorten their crossing distance. In addition, there will be a new direct connection to Coliseum BART by linking the bikes lanes to a Neighborhood Bike route south of International Blvd.

The presentation is below.

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Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 6 Grant Applications

At the February 17, 2022 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner Julieth Ortiz presented on the proposed transportation projects for the Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 6 and provide an update on the status of projects from previous ATP awards. ATP is a biannual competitive funding opportunity for projects that encourage increased bicycling and walking. The ATP is a state-administered program that distributes both state and federal funds. Applications for this year are due in June.

The projects currently under consideration are:

  1. Bancroft Ave Greenway, Design (previously submitted, ATP Cycle 5)
  2. 73rd Ave – Active Connections to Transit, Construction
  3. Coliseum Bay Trail Connector (66th Ave), Design & Construction (previously submitted, ATP Cycle 4)
  4. LAMMPS Phase 2, Design & Construction
  5. 27th Street Complete Streets, Construction
  6. Market Street Pedestrian Improvements

The full presentation is below.

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Foothill/22nd St Project

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Lucas Woodward, OakDOT staff presented on the Foothill Blvd/22nd Street Project, that the City is preparing an Active Transportation Program (ATP) application for. There were no plans/documents shared at this time.

  • Garfield Elementary Safe Routes to School — There was a fatal crash here in 2019, which resulted in rapid response project around the school.
  • This application builds on top of the rapid response project with more expensive upgrades like signals—mast arm, left turn phase, pedestrian leading phase
  • $650-815k budget total
  • ATP application deadline: Sept. 15, 2020

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7th Street Connection Project

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Charles Ream, OakDOT staff presented on the 7th Street Connection Project, that the City is preparing an Active Transportation Program (ATP) application for.

About the Project

7th Street from Mandela Parkway to Market Street is set to be repaved in 2022/23. As part of this paving project, the City of Oakland Department of Transportation (OakDOT) will remove one lane of vehicle travel and install buffered bike lanes as called for by the West Oakland Specific Plan and the 2019 Bike Plan Update.

The 7th Street Connection Project is an effort by the City to target State or Local Grant funding to go above and beyond what is planned as part of repaving. OakDOT is conducting outreach to the West Oakland community to gather input on potential improvements to the full 7th Street Corridor from Mandela Pkwy to MLK Jr. Way, including sidewalk widening, new trees and lighting, and safety improvements for people walking and biking. These improvements would only be possible through a State or Local transportation grant application.

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August 2020 Infrastructure Committee Meeting

August 6th, 2020, 3:30-5:30 pm, online and by phone.

Agenda topics include:

  • Bicycle boulevards
  • Foothill/E 15th St
  • ATP application: 7th St Streetscape improvements
  • ATP application: Foothill/22nd St
  • KONO rapid response
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OakDOT Grants Update: ATP, HSIP, Safe Routes to BART

At the June 18, 2020 BPAC meeting, Craig Raphael, Senior Transportation Planner in the Capital Finance Section, will provide an update on upcoming competitive grant opportunities, including potential OakDOT project applications and the status of past grant awards.

Projects Currently Being Considered for ATP Cycle 5:

  • International Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements
  • 7th Street Complete Streets Project
  • Bancroft Avenue Greenway (73rd – 106th)
  • Foothill/22nd traffic signal upgrade
  • 73rd Avenue (McArthur/Foothill to International)
  • East Oakland Neighborhood Bikeways

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