Power the People: Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline Access Study

At the October 21, 2021 BPAC meeting, Marquita Price, Director of Urban & Regional Planning at the East Oakland Collective (EOC), gave a presentation describing EOC’s focus on shoreline access by highlighting the new Power the People: MLK Jr. Shoreline Access Study, which aims to explore feasible clean mobility options that can connect East Oakland residents to the MLK Jr. Shoreline.

About the study

Power the People: Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline Access Study, is a project that will explore the feasibility of creating a new Non-Fare zero emissions bus route along 73rd Ave and other clean mobility options that will bring East Oakland residents from 94603, 94605 and 94621 zip codes to the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline park. In the belief that the same neighbors of East Oakland deserve better neighborhoods, this project aims to model how community can plan for improvements without displacing existing low-moderate income BIPOC residents.

The full presentation is below.

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Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Library Bike Programming

At the September 16, 2021 BPAC meeting, Commissioner and Oakland Public Library staff RB led a discussion on bicyclist programming efforts happening at the MLK Library located at 6833 International Blvd. Anthony Propernick and Manuel Hernandez, staff with the Oakland Public Library, provided an overview of the library’s bicycle services at the 81st Ave Library, Martin Luther King Jr Library, and other locations in partnership with the Scraper Bike Team and EBALDC.

Jason Cook, OakDOT staff, provided an update on capital improvements being made to support such programming. Modified shipping containers will be installed to create a workshop, storage, and space for programming. OakDOT is partnering with the Oakland Public Library on these improvements, funded primarily by the Transformative Climate Communities grant. OakDOT is helping with the design, construction, and additional funding to prepare the site for the new repurposed shipping containers. This item was introduced by Commissioner Lok.

The presentation and summary of discussion are below.

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East Bay Greenway: Phase 2

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Manuel Corona gave a presentation on East Bay Greenway Phase II.

Project background

  • FTA and AHSC funding used for this portion of EB Greenway
  • Continuation of first segment of trail already built east of Coliseum BART (73rd to 85th) completed November 2019
  • Grant used to incorporate striping improvements to connect 69th to 75th (Bike lanes)

Project timeline

  • Project currently at 65% design
  • 100% design by March 2021
  • Construction: January through June 2023

Notes from the discussion, and the presentation and 65% design plans are below.

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Coliseum Transit Village

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Jay Zhang gave a presentation on the Intermodal Terminal Coliseum BART/Transit Village Area Improvements.

Project background

Project limits & scope

  • 71st Ave – Snell St to Hawley St
    • Pedestrian scale lighting
    • Widen sidewalk (south)
    • Plant trees
    • Repaving
    • Update curb ramps
  • Hawley St – 71st Ave to 72nd Ave
    • Pedestrian Scale lighting
    • Repair sidewalk, curb & gutter (west)
    • Repaving
    • Update curb ramps

View the full presentation below or download it here [PDF].

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AC Transit: East Bay Bus Rapid Transit

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Steven Jones from AC Transit gave a presentation on the recently completed East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, branded as “Tempo”. “Tempo” opened to riders on Aug 09, 2020.

Notes from the discussion, and the presentation are below.


  • Committee forwarded a list of concerns to AC Transit before meeting, including concerns around lane striping, signal timing/actuation, and training/policy. How much follow-up can still be done by AC Transit versus by others?
    • North of 42nd Ave is Oakland right-of-way, south of 42nd Ave is Caltrans. AC Transit project is almost entirely complete, so follow-up will likely need to be handled by others.
  • Garrett suggests forming a smaller follow up sub-committee to review specific concerns and find out which can be addressed still via the AC Transit project. Committee members will follow up directly to coordinate.
  • Some issues may be in AC Transit’s interest to adjust, even if built as planned, including pedestrian signal timing.
    • Some of the pedestrian signal timing issues may have been related to signal control problems—now resolved.
  • Drivers are parking in the bike lane, especially around the community market near 56th Ave, and also between 73rd and 105th Aves.
    • AC Transit’s BRT outreach team has been disbanded, so any communications follow-up will have to be done by others.
    • Interested in focusing on non-enforcement solutions.

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San Leandro Creek Greenway Trail Project

At the October 15, 2020 BPAC meeting, Marquita Price, Director of Urban and Regional Planning for the East Oakland Collective, and David Ralston, PhD, MCP, Research fellow at the Brower Dellums Institute for Sustainable Policy and Action presented on the San Leandro Creek Greenway and community engagement for the project. The San Leandro Creek Greenway is an incoming bike and pedestrian trail being built along the surfaced San Leandro Creek running behind the neighborhoods of Columbia Gardens, Brookfield, and Sobrante Park.

Learn more about the project on the project website.

The presentation is below, as well as the 90% design plans for intersections where the greenway will cross major roadways at Hegenberger Road and 98th Avenue.

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Foothill/22nd St Project

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Lucas Woodward, OakDOT staff presented on the Foothill Blvd/22nd Street Project, that the City is preparing an Active Transportation Program (ATP) application for. There were no plans/documents shared at this time.

  • Garfield Elementary Safe Routes to School — There was a fatal crash here in 2019, which resulted in rapid response project around the school.
  • This application builds on top of the rapid response project with more expensive upgrades like signals—mast arm, left turn phase, pedestrian leading phase
  • $650-815k budget total
  • ATP application deadline: Sept. 15, 2020

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Foothill/E 15th Paving & Bikeway

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Sarah Fine, OakDOT staff presented on the Foothill Blvd & E 15th project. There were no plans/documents shared at this time.

  • Concept is 2 to 1 road diet with a buffered bike lane and high visibility crosswalks.
  • Project will be delivered with paving this fall.
  • Previous concept had a left side bike lane to avoid conflicts with bus stops—The new version has a right side bikeway instead, to avoid transition points at each end of the project.
  • Designs to be finalized within 2 months. Committee members asked for plans to be shared at that time.

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Safe Routes to BART

At the July 16, 2020 BPAC meeting, Craig Raphael, Senior Transportation Planner in the Capital Finance Section, requested letters of support for two grant applications that are being prepared for the Safe Routes to BART Grant Program: the 19th Street BART to Lake Merritt Urban Greenway ATP project and the E 12th Street Bikeway project.

19th Street BART to Lake Merritt Urban Greenway ATP project

This project proposes upgrading the existing bike lanes on 20th Street (Thomas L. Berkley Way) from Broadway to Harrison Street—Lake Merritt. The upgrades include separating the bike lanes with barriers and adding dashed markings in the intersections.

On the north side of 20th Street at 19th Street BART station between Broadway and Franklin Street, the bike lane would be raised at sidewalk level (aka a cycle track) and painted green. At that section, there is no car parking except an accessible loading zone, which includes a curb ramp at the middle of the block. The bike lane would have dashed green “conflict zone” markings there, as well as at driveways.

E 12th Street Bikeway project

This project proposes a bikeway on E 12th Street from 35th Avenue at Fruitvale BART station to 54th Avenue. The bikeway includes different bikeway designs depending on the street context. The concept plans are below.

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