April 2020 Announcements Packet

[View and download the full PDF packet]

This packet includes announcements relevant to the Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC) to disseminate information while BPAC meetings are cancelled because of Alameda County’s Shelter in Place ordinance. It includes:

  1. More information on the Bike Share E-Bike Expansion presentation coming to Legislative Committee April 30th, 5:30-6:30 pm. Kerby Olsen, Shared Mobility Coordinator, will present for discussion a proposal to expand the bike share program, known as BayWheels. The expansion would include electric-assist “E-bikes” that can lock to the existing docking stations or to public bike racks and a greatly enlarged service area. Four documents are attached for background and context:
    • Handout
      A photo of the proposed new bike and expanded service area. This was also handed out at the 2/11/20 Public Works Committee Meeting.
    • Agenda Report – Expand Bike Share Program
      A report detailing the E-bike expansion proposal and associated City Council actions
    • Draft Initial Terms for Electric Bike Share Program in Oakland
      A draft agreement to add electric bikes to the existing bike share franchise with Motivate/Lyft
    • Draft E-bike Pricing Proposal
      A description of the Draft initial E-bike pricing proposal from Motivate/Lyft. This proposal is consistent with the current pricing in San Francisco.
  2. A message from Walk Oakland Bike Oakland about Bike to Work Day 2020
  3. The final draft of the BPAC Strategic Plan

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