STEP, ATP, and HSIP Grant Candidates

At the August 20, 2020 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Planning & Project Development Manager Emily Ehlers presented the upcoming Active Transportation Program (ATP), Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP), and Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant candidates and requested letters of support from BPAC. The summary of discussion is below.

Excerpts from the presentation:

STEP Candidates

  1. Make pedestrian improvements by filling sidewalk gaps and planting decarbonizing trees
  2. E-bike lending library and replication of the Shed in East Oakland
  3. Make improvements to bus stops and explore options for community-administered subsidized or free transit passes
  4. Implement specific strategies in the West Oakland Truck Management Plan
    1. Truck and trailer parking enforcement training
    2. Exploring increasing truck parking fines and targeted truck and trailer parking enforcement
    3. Improve truck parking signage: design and install new signage
    4. Engagement for amendments to truck parking amendments and preferred truck routes

ATP Cycle 5 Candidates

  1. International Boulevard Pedestrian Improvements
    • Pedestrian scale lighting and sidewalk improvements in association with the BRT project
  2. 7th Street Connection Project (Mandela Pkwy to ML King Jr. Way)
    • Cycletrack, pedestrian intersection safety improvements, wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting improvements, transit- and freight- only lanes, enhances the upcoming paving project
  3. Bancroft Avenue Greenway (73rd Ave – 106th Ave)
    • Enhance the existing median to create a shared-use Class I multi-use trail along with additional recreational opportunities, street trees, pedestrian lighting and landscaping. Seeking funds for design only.
    • Related: The East Oakland Mobility Action Plan
  4. 73rd Avenue (McArthur Blvd/Foothilll Ave to Coliseum BART)
    • Improve signalized and unsignalized crossings, install bus boarding islands, refresh bike lane markings and implement protected intersection treatments at priority locations along 73rd Ave.
  5. East Oakland Neighborhood Bikeways
    • Install multi-lane arterial crossing improvements, traffic calming, signage and pavement markings along short-term priority projects identified in Let’s Bike Oakland
  6. Foothill/22nd traffic signal upgrade
    • Signal upgrade at site of recent pedestrian fatality

HSIP Cycle 10 Candidates

  1. 98th Avenue (Edes Avenue to MacArthur Boulevard)
  2. 14th Street (Mandela Parkway to Adeline Street)
  3. Systemic application: 2-lane unsignalized intersections with pedestrian collisions
    “Small Intersection Safety Upgrades”

Full presentation:

Summary of discussion:

  • There is an event this weekend, Saturday, July 18, to engage people directly on the proposed project on 73rd Ave. The flyer for the event is attached (below).
  • The route for cyclists to get from 73rd Ave to the BART parking lot is under consideration, with the cul-de-sac on 73rd Ave as an alternative to Hegenberger Rd. Details of all projects should be shared with both the infrastructure committee and the full BPAC in August.
  • No projects are proposed along the Foothill Blvd corridor; there is an existing HSIP project and a Rapid Response project underway now.
  • Traffic signals are often proposed for HSIP, but they may not be the best solution for 98th Ave.
  • Are HSIP grants worth applying for when the projects take so long time to implement and take so much staff time? Other interventions are cheaper and may be better.
73rd Ave Pop-up Workshop

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