27th and Lakeside Streets Project

At the May 19, 2022 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner Colin Piethe presented on the 27th and Lakeside Streets Project. An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation [PDF], and summary of discussion.

The project includes:

  • Protected bike lanes on 27th Street
  • Buffered bike lanes on Bay Place
  • Two-way cycle track on Grand Avenue from Bay Place to Harrison Street
  • Simplified driving lanes and shorter crossing distances at the intersections of Grand Ave and Bay Place, Grand Ave and Harrison Street, and 27th Street and Harrison Street
  • Planted medians along 27th Street and Bay Place

Traffic safety

  • Between 2010 and 2021 there were 87 collisions in the project area, including one fatal collision at Grand Ave and Bellevue Ave in 2012 involving a pedestrian
  • People biking and walking are disproportionately harmed in collisions compared to their share of traffic; 15% of residents walk and bike to work, yet account for 58% of collisions
  • Improper turning is the most common cause of collisions on 27th St, Bay Pl, Grand Ave, and Harrison St including the most severe collisions

Proposed project improvements for the intersection of 27th Street and Harrison Street

  • Simplified intersection: 24th Street will be closed and converted into a public plaza, which will reduce the number of turning conflicts
  • Raised bulb-outs to widen the sidewalk, shorten pedestrian crossings, increase visibility, and slow turning vehicles.
  • Protected turning movements for bicyclists to reduce conflicts with vehicles and pedestrians

Schedule/next steps

  • Winter 2022: 35% Design
  • Spring 2022: Conduct outreach to confirm community needs
  • Fall 2023: 100% design
  • Spring 2024: Construction


Summary of discussion

  • Multiple commenters suggested a roundabout be evaluated for the intersection of 27th St/Bay Pl/Harrison St/24th St.
  • Consider increasing the pedestrian crossing times, especially for these very wide streets.
  • The project previously known as “Lakeside Family Streets” is now included in the 27th and Lakeside Streets Project. Specifically, Lakeside Family Streets includes the protected intersection at Harrison St/Grand Ave, Harrison St from Grand Ave to 27th St, and Grand Ave from Harrison St to Bay Pl.

General comments on both the 27th and Lakeside Streets Project & Martin Luther King Jr Way Paving Project:

  • For both projects consider vertical elements to slow drivers, including bulb-outs and centerline treatments.
  • These projects can be discussed again in the future when more project details are available and when insights from the community input process are available.
  • Less consideration should be given to the “feasibility” of transportation projects. The primary goal should be making streets safe.
  • Caltrans is working at the state‐level to reform its procedures for making streets safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. Local jurisdictions including Oakland should push Caltrans in this reform and hold Caltrans accountable to their complete streets policies.
  • It would be helpful for projects like these to: (1) evaluate and improve pedestrian wait times at traffic signals; and (2) lower the posted speed limits.

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