Power the People Project – Update

At the November 17, 2022 BPAC meeting, Danielle Dynes and Citlalli Herrera, Community Planning Organizers at the East Oakland Collective (EOC), shared the Power the People: MLK Jr. Shoreline Access Study one-year recap since their last presentation in October 2021. This project aims to explore feasible clean mobility options that can connect East Oakland residents to the MLK Jr. Shoreline.

View the project StoryMap here.

An excerpt is below, followed by the full presentation.

Project goals

  • Identify the unique challenges East Oakland residents face when accessing the MLK Shoreline
  • Engage residents in the planning and design of new and improved transportation options to the MLK
  • Shoreline
    Develop clean mobility options based on the input from stakeholders
  • Establish a presence at the shoreline with culturally relevant programming

Priority recommendations

  • Transportation & mobility
    • Free EV Shuttle Bus
    • Mobility Hubs (Liberation Park)
    • Discounted carshare, rideshare and scooter share options
    • Infrastructure Improvement Needs Charging/docking stations
    • Paving plan
    • Bike Plan Implementation
  • Reimagining the shoreline
    • Cultural markers (murals, statues, signage, etc.) that highlight MLK, activism, and East Oakland Free community events, e.g. vendor pop-ups, music festivals
    • Opportunities for community stewardship, e.g. jobs for returning residents, outdoor activities for Black and Brown youth
  • Shoreline accessibility and environmental impacts
    • Access and entrance points improvements
    • San Leandro Creek clean-ups/development and other projects that reverse pollution
    • Closing the Bay Trail gaps and improving connections

Next steps

  1. Improve Programming
    • The East Oakland Collective is preparing to continue to introduce and engage residents around the shoreline with three sustainable programming methods, such as group bike rides, creek clean ups, and walking tours.
  2. Support implementation grants
    • Support projects from OakDOT and other agencies and community-based organizations to provide a zero-emission shuttle and other electric mobility options.
  3. Policy advocacy
    • Support for conservation and climate mitigation efforts near the shoreline, which can include better pedestrian infrastructure. Increase EV charging stations nearby.


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