Walk This Way

At the November 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, Colin Piethe presented on the Walk This Way Toolkit.
The Walk This Way Toolkit for underpass improvements is a project that was led by the Department of Planning & Building in 2016, and is now managed by the Department of Transportation. The toolkit is aimed at helping developers, City staff, and members of the public have a 1) menu of design tools to address the dark and uninviting nature of underpasses and 2) guidance on how to navigate internal and external processes for improving underpass areas.

  • Study area: the toolkit studies 4 underpasses to develop design solutions and agency navigation for underpass improvements.
  • Oakland has over 85 pedestrian-accessible underpasses across 5 freeways.
  • The City’s Department of Race and Equity’s Oakland Equity Map visualizes priority neighborhoods and pedestrian high injury corridors.
  • The existing conditions study identifies negative sensory impacts & common characteristics of underpasses.
  • The existing conditions summary identifies patterns in the built environment that influence a pedestrian’s experience.
  • The toolkit organizes design solutions in categories guided by agency jurisdiction and permitting processes.

The full presentation and summary of discussion are below.

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