November 2021 BPAC Agenda

Thursday, November 18, 2021; 6:00-8:00 pm
View and download the full agenda packet [34mb PDF].


Reginald K Burnette Jr, Andrew Campbell, Grey Gardner, Michael Lok, Phoenix Mangrum, David Ralston, Patricia Schader, Dianne Yee, one vacancy

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 [PDF], all participants will join the meeting via phone/video conference and no teleconference locations are required.


To join the meeting:

  • By video conference—please click on this link to download Zoom and open the meeting on a computer or smart phone at the noticed meeting time.
  • By phone—please dial at the noticed meeting time (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 (408) 638-0968 or +1 (669) 900-6833 or +1 (253) 215-8782 or +1 (346) 248-7799 or +1 (301) 715-8592 or +1 (312) 626-6799 or +1 (646) 876-9923
    Webinar ID: 983 1150 7451

To comment in the meeting:

  • In the Zoom video conference—click the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when Public Comment is being taken on an eligible agenda item. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Instructions on how to “Raise Your Hand” are here.
  • By phone—please call on one of the above listed phone numbers. You will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing *9 to speak when Public Comment is taken. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Please unmute yourself by pressing *6.

If you have any questions, please email Noel Pond-Danchik, staff liaison to the commission.


TimeItem #Topic
6:001Teleconference Protocol/Roll Call/Determination of Quorum/Introductions (10 minutes)
6:102Open Forum / Public Comment (10 minutes)
Members of the public may comment on any issue within BPAC’s subject matter jurisdiction. Comments on a scheduled agenda item will be heard with that item. The BPAC’s Open Forum Committee tracks Open Forum issues raised by the public. The Committee reviews the public comments on a periodic basis to identify policy issues for discussion by the Commission. To request City services, please contact the City of Oakland Call Center (311).
6:203Approval of meeting minutes (5 Minutes)
Seek motion to adopt the October 2021 BPAC minutes.
6:254Renewal of Resolution to Continue Teleconference Meetings (5 minutes)
The Commission will consider renewing a resolution determining that conducting in-person meetings of the Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission and its committees would present imminent risks to attendees’ health, and electing to continue conducting meetings using teleconferencing in accordance with California Government Code Section 54953(e), a provision of Assembly Bill 361 (AB-361).
6:305Recent Bicyclist and Pedestrian Related Crashes (5 minutes)
Vice Chair Schader will lead the commission in a discussion of recent bicyclist and pedestrian related crashes in Oakland.
On 10/7/21, a mother and a six-year old child were hit while crossing the street in a crosswalk at 23rd Avenue and E 27th Street while headed to school in the morning by a driver who fled the scene. Both the mother and child were hospitalized and are now recovering.
On 10/13/21 a child was hit by a vehicle while in the crosswalk at 98th Avenue and Cherry Street in front of Elmhurst Middle School where a pedestrian was fatally struck in the same crosswalk in January 2020. OakDOT installed a concrete pedestrian median adjacent to the crosswalk as a safety improvement in July 2020. OakDOT is responding to the requests received from the school and will be meeting with the school principal.
On 10/18/21, a fatal pedestrian crash occurred at the intersection of Foothill Blvd and Miller Ave. Media is reporting the incident as a homicide.
On 10/28/21 at approximately 9pm, a possible fatal pedestrian crash occurred near the intersection of 7th Street and Madison Street.
On 10/29/21 at approximately 10pm, a scooter rider was struck and killed by a passenger vehicle at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Foothill Blvd. The driver was traveling into oncoming traffic and failed to stop at a red light. The driver fled the scene.
6:356School Safety at OakDOT (25 minutes)
Lucas Woodward will discuss the various ways that the Safe Streets Traffic Engineering team works to further school traffic safety in Oakland, including current and future projects and challenges. Read more about traffic safety efforts near schools at OakDOT.
7:007Ney Avenue Traffic Calming (20 minutes)
Lucas Woodward will present an update on the Ney Avenue Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan, a recently completed neighborhood-scale effort that is currently in implementation.
7:208Walk This Way (20 minutes)
Colin Piethe will present on the Walk This Way Toolkit. The Walk This Way Toolkit for underpass improvements is a project that was led by the Department of Planning & Building in 2016, and is now managed by the Department of Transportation. The toolkit is aimed at helping developers, City staff, and members of the public have a 1) menu of design tools to address the dark and uninviting nature of underpasses and 2) guidance on how to navigate internal and external processes for improving underpass areas.
7:409Committee Report-Back (10 minutes)
Committees of the BPAC will provide brief updates to the Commission. A list of active committees and report backs from committees are here.
7:5010Three-month agenda look-ahead (below), suggestions for meeting topics, announcements (below) (10 minutes)

Three-month agenda look-ahead


  • BPAC Chair Report to Public Works Committee
  • 14th Street Safety Project (tentative)
  • Annual Strategic Planning Projects (tentative)
  • Open Forum Committee Report (tentative)


  • BPAC officer elections
  • Slow Streets Post-Pandemic (tentative)
  • San Pablo Corridor Plan (tentative)


  • Oakland Waterfront Trail (tentative)
  • Annual Major Development Projects (tentative)
  • Transportation Development Act Article 3 (TDA) Grant Possible Projects (tentative)
  • OakDOT Organizational Update (tentative)


  • Traffic Fatalities – 2021 Calendar Year to Date:
    According to the latest OPD Fatality Tracking Data There have been 22 confirmed traffic fatalities in 2021, seven of which involved a pedestrian, two involved a motorcyclist, one involved a scooterist, and none has involved a bicyclist. This total does not include the Oct 28th crash at 7th and Madison where the pedestrian is not expected to survive. OakDOT is currently working on six Rapid Responses—one for a motorist fatality on Frontage Road, one for a pedestrian fatality on MacArthur Boulevard near Chetwood Street, one for a pedestrian fatality on Park Boulevard near East 38th Street, one for a severe pedestrian injury at the intersection of 10th Street and Harrison Street, one for the pedestrian fatality at the intersection of Bancroft Avenue and 85th Avenue, and one for two severe pedestrian injuries at 23rd Ave and 27th St.
  • OakDOT Major Projects Map Updates:
    OakDOT completed a comprehensive update to the OakDOT Major Projects Map which shares information on current OakDOT major projects across the city. The effort added 42 projects and updated the information on all other projects. You can find the map from the landing page here.
  • Universal Basic Mobility Pilot:
    OakDOT is promoting and distributing up to 500 “Mobility Wallets” loaded with $300 through this Pilot. The Mobility Wallets are restricted prepaid debit cards that can be used solely to purchase trips or passes on transit and shared mobility, including carshare, bikeshare, and e-scooters. Individuals qualify to receive a Mobility Wallet if they: 1) live and/or work in East Oakland and 2) take a survey saying how they travel and select demographic information. To invite survey applications, staff have engaged East Oaklanders through mailers, tabling at community events, libraries, and transit centers, and community-based organizations’ programs and newsletters. More information about the program and a link to the survey is available here.
  • Sideshow Prevention Pilot:
    OakDOT’s striping crew completed the installation of hardened centerlines and Bott’s Dots in the intersection of High Street and MacArthur Boulevard this week as part of the pilot to prevent sideshows with engineering treatments. This is the third intersection in the pilot to receive these similar treatments.
  • School Safety Press Release and Crossing Guard Web Page:
    OakDOT issued a media release for Walk to School Day highlighting school safety enhancements that support active transportation every day, including recent and planned infrastructure improvements, crossing guards, school safety patrols, and targeted parking enforcement. OakDOT also launched a new crossing guard program webpage which includes a map of active crossing guard posts and other key program information including the ongoing call for applications for new crossing guards.
  • E-Scooter Parking:
    E-scooters are now allowed to lock a maximum of two e-scooters on one side of a bike rack as long as having the other side always available for private bike or mobile vehicle parking (before, only one scooter was allowed per bike rack). This minor change is expected to further reduce issues and complaints about e-scooter parking, which have come down significantly since the locking mechanisms were introduced last year.
  • Before/After Evaluation on Telegraph Avenue:
    In August 2021, staff completed an evaluation of travel activity and vehicle speeds on Telegraph Avenue between Grand Avenue and 51st Street, following up on similar data collection performed in February 2020. Compared to February 2020, the 2021 data shows significant decreases in AM and PM bicycle (35- 70%), pedestrian (52-87%), and auto (23-26%) volumes in KONO and Pill Hill (segments of the corridor that remain physically unchanged). In the Temescal segment of Telegraph Avenue (where protected bike lanes and bus boarding islands were installed) bicycle and pedestrian volumes remained relatively constant between February 2020 and August 2021, while vehicle volumes dropped by 35%. The data show that enduring COVID-19-related commute patterns continue to significantly decrease activity along Telegraph Avenue, except for people walking and biking in Temescal. Since February 2020, 85th percentile vehicle speeds decreased from 29 mph to 26 mph in Temescal, remained 30 mph in Pill Hill, and increased from 24 mph to 27 mph in KONO. The full evaluation is posted on the project website here.
  • Installation of Stop Signs and Red Flashing Beacons on Northgate Avenue at Sycamore Street:
    OakDOT installed signs with red flashing beacons on Northgate Avenue at its intersection with Sycamore Street. The number of recent traffic collisions attributed to right-of-way violation triggered the decision to install stop signs on a busy street that connects the westbound Highway 24 off-ramp at 27th Street to West Grand Avenue. To account for the rarity of placing stop signs on a street with significantly higher traffic volume than the intersecting street and existing sight distance limitations due to road curvature, red flashing beacons were installed adjacent to the stop signs for added visibility and awareness.

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