February 2020 BPAC Agenda Item #9: Three-month agenda look-ahead

[Download this item as PDF]


  • Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3
  • Bike to Work Day Planning
  • Micromobility Update April
  • BAR T Bicyclist/Pedestrian Projects Update
  • 14th St Active Transportation Program ( ATP) Grant Project Update
  • Biannual Paving Update (tentative)
  • Alameda County Transportation Commission ( ACTC) Updates (tentative) May
  • Bike to Work Day Report Back
  • Active Transportation Program ( ATP) Grant Applications (tentative)
  • Upcoming Grant Projects and Schedule (tentative) For more details on upcoming meeting planning see the BPAC Scheduler here.
  • Commissioner announcements
    • None
  • Staff announcements
    • Lily Brown, Transportation Planner in Oakland Department of Transportation’s Great Streets Division, provided an overview update and 35% design on the 14th Street ATP Project attached. This project will be heard as an item at a future meeting.

Overview on 14th St. ATP Project from Project Manager Lily Brown:

  • The City applied for an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant in 2016 to build protected bike lanes, transit boarding islands, signal improvements, and rain gardens, while maintaining on-street parking and one travel lane in each direction. The project is located on 14th Street between Brush Street and Oak Street.
  • Oakland was awarded the grant in 2017, and City Council accepted the grant in September 2018.
  • The City’s adopted FY 2017-2019 Capital Improvement Plan includes the 14th St project and species its eligibility for local matching funds from Measure KK.
  • As a result, DOT staff initiated the project by collecting data, hiring a consultant to support 0-35% design, and conducting outreach (attending NCPCs in the spring, hosting a May public meeting, attending BPAC in September, and hosting a task force meeting in October).
    • The grant requires a local match of $3,454,000.
    • The grant is awarded by phases: $1,235,000 for Engineering Plans, Specifications & Estimates (PS&E) and $9,343,000 for Construction. This is the largest grant ever awarded to the Department of Transportation.
      • The City recently requested an extension of the PS&E phase to accommodate a longer planning process.
      • The City will be requesting an extension of theConstruction phase to reduce cumulative impacts on the neighborhood. This would extend the construction contract award date to mid-2022 at the latest, without losing the grant.
      • Construction is anticipated to take about one year total (done by mid- 2023), but we would implement the project block-by-block to minimize impacts. o The City is still in the planning, outreach and conceptual design phase (35% design phase is complete), which has been funded by the local matching funds.
  • If the City does not pursue the project, we may jeopardize future ATP grant funding. ATP grants account for over 1/5 of our capital project funding.
  • The City is in discussion with the D3 Council Office about the project and mitigations the City can deliver. We are actively working on those mitigations such as changing street sweeping schedules along 14th street and better-enforcing construction parking.

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