Foothill/E 15th Paving & Bikeway

At the August 6, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Sarah Fine, OakDOT staff presented on the Foothill Blvd & E 15th project. There were no plans/documents shared at this time.

Notes from the Infrastructure Committee


  • Concept is 2 to 1 road diet with a buffered bike lane and high visibility crosswalks.
  • Project will be delivered with paving this fall.
  • Previous concept had a left side bike lane to avoid conflicts with bus stops—The new version has a right side bikeway instead, to avoid transition points at each end of the project.
  • Designs to be finalized within 2 months. Committee members asked for plans to be shared at that time.


  • Any feedback about bus stop conflicts with right side bike facilities?
    • Could look into bus boarding islands via a later follow up. Currently still coordinating with the school around drop-off zones

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