October 2020 Infrastructure Committee Meeting

The BPAC Infrastructure Committee will be meeting on Thursday, October 1st, 3:30-5:30 pm online and by phone.

  • To join by web, download Zoom and open the meeting here.
  • To join by phone, dial: +1 (669) 900-6833, Meeting ID: 952 0423 5635.

Click on the agenda topics to view the materials and notes.

13:30 pm10 minsIntroductionsAll
23:4030 minsEBMUD Oakland Inner Harbor Pipeline Traffic Control PlanRaffi Moughamian
34:1030 minsPark Blvd improvements at ExcelsiorJoe Wang
44:4030 minsHSIP Cycle 9 Project UpdateBeaver Boonsook
55:1030 minsActive Transportation Enhancement ProjectDavid Pene
65:405 minsFuture agenda topic suggestionsAll

BPAC and OakDOT staff in attendance:

  • Patricia Schader (BPAC commissioner, Committee member)
  • Dianne Yee (BPAC commissioner, Committee member)
  • Reginald Burnette Jr (BPAC commissioner, Committee member)
  • Brendan Pittman (Committee member)
  • Midori Tabata (Committee member)
  • Robert Prinz (Committee member)
  • Jason Patton (Oakland DOT)
  • Tabin Chung (Oakland DOT)
  • Raffi Moughamian (EBMUD, Oakland Inner Harbor Pipeline Project item)
    Joe Wang (Oakland DOT, Park Blvd ATP improvements item)
  • Jingjing Lin (Oakland DOT, Park Blvd ATP improvements item)
  • Brian Sukkar (Oakland DOT, Park Blvd ATP improvements item)
  • Beaver Boonsook (Oakland DOT) (Foothill & MacArthur Pedestrian Safety, HSIP Project item)
  • David Pené (Oakland DOT, Active Transportation Enhancement Project item)
  • Jason Cook (Oakland DOT, Active Transportation Enhancement Project item)


  • ATP = Active Transportation Program, state funding for bike & walk projects
  • HSIP = Highway Safety Improvement Program, federal funding for street safety projects
  • BPAC = Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, a city-appointed volunteer group that meets monthly to discuss and advise staff on bike & walk projects, policy, and funding
  • EIR = Environmental Impact Report, detailed study required for large construction projects
  • OakDOT = Oakland Department of Transportation
  • EBMUD = East Bay Municipal Utilities District, public utility serving Alameda and Contra Costa Counties

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