Park Blvd Intersection Improvements

At the October 01, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Joe Wang and Brian Sukkar presented the designs for improvements at the Park Blvd/13th Ave/E 38th St and Park Blvd/Excelsior intersections.

  • Project cost estimate: $2.8M
  • Focuses on the Park/13th Ave/E 38th and Park/Excelsior intersections, safe routes to schools in the vicinity


  •  What type of bike detection is being used?
    • Includes both video and loop signal detection.
    • Video is generally better but has been determined to be less reliable at bike-only signal locations like this.
  • How is this project funded?
    • State ATP award from 2017.
  • Expected construction?
    • Hopefully starting early 2021, design is at 100%.
  • Can the city measure before/after impact on bike riders waiting for green lights with installation of the signal detection confirmation lights?
    • Good idea, will look into it.
  • Any funding or plans for taking care of the landscaping at Park/13th Ave/E 38th? Opportunity for adopt-a-park by community groups?
    • Project won’t implement significant landscaping as part of this project.
    • Will communicate with neighborhood groups on the opportunity.
  • Were roundabouts considered, given that these are 5- or 6-legged intersections?
    • Roundabouts were considered, but the grade at Park/Excelsior is not ideal for sightlines at roundabouts. Pedestrian crossings would also be challenging.

Park Blvd/13th Ave/E 38th St

Download the below presentation [PDF].

  • Several uncontrolled intersections
  • Many redundant cross street legs and “pork chop” islands
  • Pedestrian path is circuitous to continue along Park
  • The project would:
    • square off intersection(s),
    • add signal at Park Blvd Way/Park Blvd/13th Ave with protected left turns,
    • create a more continuous pedestrian path, and
    • add a new crosswalk.

Park Blvd/Excelsior

Download the below presentation [PDF].

  • Excelsior is currently one-way, forcing bike riders to make a difficult left turn across Park at an uncontrolled intersection.
  • The sidewalk on Park at Excelsior isn’t continuous.
  • Pedestrian crossing of Park Blvd is 2-stage, requiring a wait in the middle of the street.
  • The project will:
    • close Excelsior at Park to cars and turn it into a 2-way bikes-only cut-through,
    • change pedestrian crossing of Park to a single phase,
    • add a crosswalk, and
    • add a buffered (partially protected) bike lane uphill from the freeway to Excelsior, with a dedicated bike signal phase for bike traffic leaving the Excelsior cut-through onto Park, including bike detection confirmation lights (first use in Oakland).

3 thoughts on “Park Blvd Intersection Improvements

  1. Can you leave a space in the center divide on Park so that traffic approaching Park from 38th can drive across Park to enter Greenwood


  2. Close the on-ramp to 580 from Excelsior. It is dangerous and unnecessary (there is another on-ramp one black away from Park that (dangerously) merges with this one. It makes no sense and cars go speeding through Excelsior, a tiny residential street.


    1. P.S. When added—many many years ago—the Excelsior on-ramp was promised to be TEMPORARY while they built the other “official” entrance one block away.


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