14th Ave Streetscape Project

At the November 19, 2020 BPAC meeting, Charlie Ream, Transportation Planner on OakDOT’s Great Streets Planning & Project Development Team, presented on the 14th Ave Streetscape Project. View the presentation below or download it here [PDF]. Take the survey here.

OakDOT is continuing with Measure BB-funded pedestrian and bicycle improvements on 14th Avenue. Phase 1 of the project installed pedestrian crossing improvements, sidewalk upgrades, and new curb ramps between International Boulevard and E 19th Street. This upcoming phase of work will convert one lane of vehicle traffic on 14th Avenue to a buffered bike lane from Foothill to E 27th Street, install rapid flashing pedestrian beacons at seven intersections along the corridor, add corner bulb-outs at all intersections from E 19th to E 27th, and plant new street trees on the sidewalk and median.

About the project

14th Avenue is a major east-west corridor that connects International Boulevard with Highland Hospital and points north of I-580. 14th Avenue is currently a relatively high-speed, 4-lane divided roadway that is a barrier for people walking between residential neighborhoods to the north and south. 14th Ave is also an important, (relatively flat) connection for people biking and is a critical gap in the network between the Foothill Blvd and Macarthur Blvd bike lanes.

The City recently completed Phase 1 of this Project, which upgraded sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, and landscaping between International Blvd. and E 19th Street.

The next phase of The 14th Avenue Streetscape project will deliver an important bicycle connection on 14th Avenue from Foothill to 27th Street/Highland Hospital. This project will form the foundation for a complete network connection north to MacArthur Blvd. This project will also make pedestrian crossing improvements and striping upgrades between E8th Street and International Blvd.

Project goals

  • Improve safety and comfort for people walking, especially for people crossing 14th Avenue
  • Increase the visibility of people walking and biking
  • Slow vehicle speeds
  • Provide a dedicated space for people riding bikes on 14th
  • Improve access for people with disabilities
  • Upgrade bus stops on the corridor with safer pedestrian crossings and bus boarding islands


Summary of Discussion

  • Parking-protected bike lanes should be the starting point for projects like 14th Ave and Park Blvd.
    • This was considered, but it is challenging because of the prevalence of driveways. The concern is not drivers crossing the bike lane to their residential driveways, but rather the parking prohibition needed for sightlines at the driveways. Because the driveways are closely spaced, a large proportion of the on-street parking would need to be removed.
  • The buffered bike lanes will serve as a passing lane. A possible response to this concern is widening the median to reduce the overall width of the roadway to discourage illegal passing.
  • If not a protected bike lane, consider options for discouraging driving in the bike lanes such as green paint and bollards at the start of bike lanes on every block.
  • The project as scoped ends in the uphill direction at E 27th St/Vallecito Pl.
    • This is the way the grant was scoped, and staff acknowledges that this does not make a complete bikeway connection to the MacArthur Blvd bikeway. Completing this connection was explored, but there are technical challenges with this additional stretch of roadway, and these challenges are beyond what the current project can absorb.
  • Consider emergency access to Highland Hospital in the project’s design.

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