Fruitvale Alive! Project

At long last, OakDOT is approaching Final Design for the Fruitvale Alive! Project.

At the November 19, 2020 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner on the Great Streets Planning & Project Development Team, Charlie Ream, will be presenting on this project.

About the project

The Fruitvale Alive project is an ATP-funded project to install sidewalk-level protected bike lanes to connect the Fruitvale Ave Bridge with Fruitvale BART Station and E12th Street. In addition to closing a critical gap in the City’s protected bike infrastructure, the project will connect to a new segment of the Bay Trail at the southern end of Fruitvale Avenue and will address problematic “pork chop” islands at E12th Street. OakDOT has reached Final Design of the project and expects to advertise for construction in January 2021.

Project elements

  • Sidewalk-level protected bike lane for full length of project corridor
  • New RRFB pedestrian signal at E 7th Street
  • High-visibility crosswalks throughout project corridor
  • Install new sidewalk lighting and roadway lighting
  • Connection to new segment of Bay Trail at southern end of project corridor
  • Close the “pork chop” cut-throughs on the south side of the E 12th Street intersection. Install partially protected intersection on south side of intersection.
  • Improve safety for bikes crossing railroad tracks (roadway-level bike lanes)
  • Narrow existing roadway and travel lanes to calm traffic


Summary of Discussion

  • The curb ramps at the corners are designed for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

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