Slow Streets Interim Findings Report and Implementation

At the December 17, 2020 BPAC meeting, Megan Weir, OakDOT Safe Streets Division Manager, presented on the Slow Streets program including the Slow Streets Interim Findings Report and implementation of the recommendations since its release in September including more durable treatments, new signage, and corridor-level engagement on the future of the program. More information about the program, including the Interim Findings Report, is on the Slow Streets webpage.

Executive summary

So far, we’ve

  • Implemented the Slow Streets Program to create more space for physically-distant walking, biking, and other physical activity and alleviate crowding on sidewalks
  • Engaged with the community through partnerships and surveys and other methods to get feedback and gain insights on the program
  • Adapted the program based on feedback, including adding the Slow Streets Essential Places component and implementing new Slow Streets Corridors in collaboration with neighborhood partners

Next, we’ll

  • Evaluate existing Slow Street Corridors and make context-specific changes depending on feedback from the neighborhood
  • Continue the Slow Streets Corridors and Essential Places Program through the end of the Shelter-In-Place order
  • Channel the enthusiasm for Slow Streets into equitable and sustainable programs like pop-up Slow Streets and neighborhood level traffic


The full presentation is below, and you can view the full report (September 2020) here.
Oaklandside also wrote an article about Slow Streets: “What do we know about Slow Streets and safety? Here’s what data and residents have to say.” 25 Nov 2020.

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