Lake Merritt bikeway improvements—Concepts

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Charlie Ream gave a presentation on Lake Merritt Bikeway Improvements Project.

“The Lake Merritt Bikeway Improvements Project proposes several changes to the roadway on Lakeside Drive from Madison Street to Lake Merritt Boulevard and on Lake Merritt Boulevard from Lakeside to E 12th Street. This section of street is set to be repaved in 2021. This presents an opportunity to extend the popular two-way protected cycletrack around Lake Merritt from Madison Street southward and over the estuary bridge to E 12th Street!”

—from the City of Oakland survey on the Lake Merritt Bikeway Improvements Project

Notes from the presentation and discussion, and 35% design plans (conceptual level) are below.

map of project area
Rendering of the proposed 2-way cycletrack on Lake Merritt Blvd, looking east.
Rendering of the proposed 2-way cycletrack on Lake Merritt Blvd, looking east.


  • Project is currently at 35% (conceptual) design.
  • Existing bus-only lanes on Lake Merritt Blvd will be expanded to serve existing rapid bus line (AC Transit “Tempo”).
  • Any additional public comments on project should be sent in by the end of next week.
  • Lakeside Drive, 14’ 2-way cycletrack on east side of street – curbside parking is blocked at key locations via red curbs. 
  • Currently there are 85 curbside parking spots on Lakeside Dr. Approximately 20 will be removed via this project. Some on-street parking spots may be recovered elsewhere along the project area.
  • The new bikeway will join in with the existing cycletrack at 19th Street to the north, and the bikeway project is being extended beyond the paving limit to continue to International Blvd to the east.


  • How will loading needs at Lake Merritt Amphitheater be handled?
    • Unsure. Parking at that location could be a sight-line hazard due to road curve and drivers pulling in & out of parallel parking spots.
  • How is this project being funded?
    • Complete streets funding and Measure KK.
  • Will the bikeway separation be concrete?
    • Yes, 6” raised concrete curbs. We are looking into working with partners at OMCA and others to possibly install and maintain planter boxes.
  • Will breaks in the bikeway separation be provided so bike riders can leave the cycletrack, in order to make a vehicular left-turn from Lake Merritt Blvd to 12th St, for instance?
    • The design is intended to serve bike riders using the 2-stage turns and protected intersections, not necessarily vehicular left turns.
    • Follow-up comment that breaks in protected bikeways are also often needed for drainage reasons, and for bike riders to avoid blockages, debris, or for personal safety/security reasons. Seconds the need for breaks in the physical separation, for more reasons than just vehicular left turns
  • Over 900 responses to community survey have been completed so far, which have been overwhelmingly supportive of the project.

Concept plans

Lake Merritt Blvd

Download the pdf here.

concept plan for Lake Merritt Blvd

Lakeside Drive

Download the pdf here.

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