BPAC Commissioner Appointment Process

At the July 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, BPAC Chair Andy Campbell will provide an overview of the BPAC recruitment process for 2022, lead a discussion on outreach, and seek volunteers and a motion to create a recruitment committee.

Status of Current Commissioners

NameCurrent TermTerm End Date
Reginald Burnette Jr.2Dec 31, 2021
Jesse Jones1Dec 31, 2021
Phoenix Mangrum1Dec 31, 2021
Dianne Yee1Dec 31, 2022
Patricia Schrader1Dec 31, 2022
Grey Gardner1Dec 31, 2022
Andrew Campbell 2Dec 31, 2023
David Ralston1Dec 31, 2023
Michael Lok 1Dec 31, 2023

BPAC Appointment Process

  1. July BPAC Meeting –
    Recruitment process begins. Process and recruitment is discussed with the BPAC. A Recruitment Committee is formed to organize outreach, evaluate applications and make advisory recommendations for the Mayor’s office.
  2. July BPAC Meeting through one week before September BPAC Meeting –
    Commissioners spread the word and applicants apply through the form here.
  3. One week before September BPAC Meeting, Application Due Date –
    Applications are due by this date to be considered as part of BPAC’s review for this year’s application cycle. Staff retrieves applications from the Mayor’s office; staff compiles a table of applicants’ council district of residence and the nearest major intersection to their residence.
  4. September BPAC Meeting –
    Staff provides the packet of applications to the Review Committee, allowing for a three-week review period.
  5. October BPAC Meeting Agenda Packet –
    Staff redacts personal contact information from the applications so applications can be included in BPAC’s September agenda packet. If available, the Recruitment Committee’s recommendation is included in the agenda packet.
  6. October BPAC Meeting –
    Recruitment Committee makes a recommendation to the Commission and the Commission adopts a recommendation.
  7. After October BPAC Meeting –
    Staff submits the BPAC’s recommendation to the Mayor’s Office.
  8. Sometime in November or December –
    The Mayor recommends candidates to City Council and City Council appoints the candidates by resolution.
  9. January –
    The new commissioners are sworn in and take office.

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