Oakland Bike Plan Update

At the July 17, 2021 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program staff Jennifer Stanley and Pierre Gerard will summarize progress implementing the projects and programs in “Let’s Bike Oakland,” the citywide bike plan adopted in July 2019. The full presentation is below.

Progress on Programs, Part 1 with the Oakland Public Library

In Place

  • Bike repair toolkits for checkout
  • Cargo bikes as mobile repair shops
  • Upcycle Program with Cycles of Change
  • Bike Fix-it Clinics and giveaways at the 81st Ave and MLK library branches
  • Bike parking (196 spaces at 18 libraries including eight eLockers at Rockridge)


  • The Shed – physical improvements to support more programming

Up Next

  • eLockers at additional branches

Progress on Programs, Part 2 with Community-Based Organizations

In Place

  • San Antonio Active Transportation Program with Cycles of Change
  • Street Skills Courses by Bike East Bay (17 courses, 242 attendees, since July 2019)
  • Slow Streets Outreach with Walk Oakland Bike Oakland
  • Bike to Wherever Day with Bike East Bay and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland


  • Transformative Climate Communities grant ($1 million) awarded to fund (a) youth-focused bike library, (b) Afterschool Enrichment Sessions, and (c) Bike Repair Sessions by Higher Ground and the Scraper Bike Team
  • MTC “Quick Strike” grants for programming to Cycles of Change, Red Bike and Green, and Spokeland

Up Next

  • Other bike programming to be funded over two years, $150k allocated in FY21-23 budget


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