14th Street Safety Project design review

At the August 5, 2021 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Charlie Ream, OakDOT transportation planner, presented on the latest block-by-blocks for the 14th Street Safety Project. The project area is 14th Street from Brush Street to Lakeside Drive/Oak Street. The previous presentation with more background is here [PDF].

“14th Street is the heart of Downtown Oakland, connecting neighborhoods and civic institutions. How can we use this $14M grant to welcome more people to Downtown, make them feel safe and connect them to the cultural and commercial resources of our Town?”

Download the presentation [PDF]. Notes from the presentation and discussion are below.


Presentation Notes

  • Currently between 35% and 65% design completion
  • Currently working through community outreach, which started in 2019
  • Hoping for final design in 2022, construction in 2023
  • $14M of state grant funding for project design/construction
  • 14th Street is one of city’s highest injury corridors. Two Asian senior pedestrians were struck and killed even since funding was awarded.
  • Proposal to extend string of lights along 14th St from Lake Merritt to Broadway
  • Adding 60 parking spaces on side streets within one block radius of 14th St
  • Only one block of 14th (Broadway to Franklin) will have all parking removed on one side of street, as it is narrower than other blocks.
  • Designing project to reflect current conditions on Franklin Street – Future 2-way cycletrack on Franklin Street will require follow up reconfiguration.
  • 14th St different than the Telegraph KONO bikeway:
    • Signals at each intersection
    • Few T-intersections
    • Pretty regular block lengths
    • Fewer driveways and curb cuts
  • Two proposals for 14th between Webster and Harrison
    • Standard protected bikeway on street
    • Raised protected bikeway at sidewalk level, to serve as expanded sidewalk space at night when there is a lot of activity at local businesses.


  • Are blue squares in the drawing ADA parking spaces?
    • Yes. Spaces are placed near intersections to allow for easy access to curb ramps. Specific locations are still in development.
  • What are the lane widths?
    • The bike lanes are between 5 and 6 feet through corridor
  • What are the plans for the current parklets on the corridor?
    • Kon-Tiki is open to rebuilding their parklet, still have to reach out to other restaurants with parklets.
  • Is Franklin St cycletrack project still happening as part of current paving plan through 2022?
    • No, Franklin will be done via next paving plan from 2023 on, including proposed cycle track. Intersection with 14th St can be adjusted at that point.
  • Raised protected intersection at 14th/Lakeside? Walnut Ave in Fremont as an example.
    • Will look into it. 
  • Allow bike riders to get from raised bikeway block back down to street level east of Broadway intersection, in order to avoid bikeway blockages after hours
  • What is the design standard being used for visibility at intersections, to account for sight lines between bike riders and right turning drivers?
    • Current design provides about one car length before crosswalk, plus about one car length after due to protected intersection islands.
  • Raised bikeway block, concerns about bike/pedestrian conflicts
    • Slowing down bike riders for this section is key
    • Adding textures or detectable domes
  • What is the traffic control for dedicated right turn lane for 14th St at Webster and at Castro?
    • Don’t know but will look into it, needs to be addressed. Will look into “no right on red”.
  • Will concrete barriers have painted curbs for loading zones, no parking areas?
    • Curb on sidewalk edge and curb along protected bikeway barrier will both be painted.
  • City will work with CBO’s via existing on-call contract to add art elements to project.
  • Opportunity to lower speed limits around senior housing facilities?
    • City needs to take tests of speeds after project to find out if it has enough impact to lower limits.
  • Will street clog up due to double parking vehicles? Is one-way for cars on 14th St a possibility to allow for more parking/loading?
    • Biggest issue on 14th is safety, due to excess width allowing for drivers to speed. Opening up right-of-way for drivers doesn’t solve for this.

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