Power the People: Martin Luther King Jr Shoreline Access Study

At the October 21, 2021 BPAC meeting, Marquita Price, Director of Urban & Regional Planning and Danielle Dynes, Neighborhood and Transportation Planner, at the East Oakland Collective (EOC), gave a presentation describing EOC’s focus on shoreline access by highlighting the new Power the People: MLK Jr. Shoreline Access Study, which aims to explore feasible clean mobility options that can connect East Oakland residents to the MLK Jr. Shoreline. The full presentation is below.

About the study

Power the People: Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline Access Study, is a project that will explore the feasibility of creating a new Non-Fare zero emissions bus route along 73rd Ave and other clean mobility options that will bring East Oakland residents from 94603, 94605 and 94621 zip codes to the Martin Luther King Jr. Shoreline park. In the belief that the same neighbors of East Oakland deserve better neighborhoods, this project aims to model how community can plan for improvements without displacing existing low-moderate income BIPOC residents.

Key goals

  • Identify clean mobility options to reach MLK shoreline study the feasibility of a non-fare zero emission bus along 73rd Ave/Hegenberger Rd
  • Identify anti-displacement solutions to existing conditions of the people, the physical corridors and the bus stop infrastructure
  • Identify appealing programming opportunities at the shoreline


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