OakDOT School Traffic Safety

At the November 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, Lucas Woodward will discuss the various ways that the Safe Streets Traffic Engineering team works to further school traffic safety in Oakland, including current and future projects and challenges. Read more here about traffic safety efforts near schools at OakDOT.

Excerpts from presentation:


  • 135 public and private schools in Oakland
  • 50,000 students
  • Citywide enrollment, neighborhood priority
  • OUSD, OakDOT Coordination
  • School safety lives within Safe Streets team at OakDOT
  • Crossing Guard and Safety Patrol recently moved to OakDOT

School Safety at OakDOT

  • Work Orders
  • Capital projects
  • Programmatic improvements
  • Major project coordination

Work Order Sources

  • 311 team flags service requests that relate to schools
    • Non-school initiated requests are scored with others
  • Principal requests
  • Resident requests regarding schools
    • OUSD: Reach out to OUSD transportation staff to see if the school has discussed the need with OUSD
    • Non-OUSD: Reach out to principal to clarify need
  • Rapid responses
  • Other requests (OPD, NCPC, Safety Patrol, collaboration with other projects)

Walk Audits

  • Approximately 5 per year
  • Led by Alameda County Safe Routes to School
  • Consultants
  • School Staff, Parent Volunteers
  • Recommend schools to ACTC
    • Only current criteria: prioritization score and no recent audit history
  • Attend audit and contribute observations
  • Review audit report
    • Constrained vs unconstrained recommendations
  • Due to slower timeline, try to emphasize capital projects
  • Stronger focus on walking and biking than work orders

Capital Projects 2021-2023

  • Lincoln Elementary School
  • Yu Ming Elementary School
  • East Oakland PRIDE Elementary
  • Westlake Middle School
  • Martin Luther King Elementary
  • 3 schools with work order-level recommendations but no capital projects

The full presentation is below.


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