January 2022 BPAC Agenda

Thursday, January 20, 2021; 6:00-8:00 pm
View and download the full agenda packet [4.5mb PDF].


Andrew Campbell (Chair), Alexander Frank, Grey Gardner, Michael Lok, Phoenix Mangrum, David Ralston, Patricia Schader (Vice-Chair), Nicholas Whipps, Dianne Yee

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 [PDF], all participants will join the meeting via phone/video conference and no teleconference locations are required.


To join the meeting:

  • By video conference—please click on this link to download Zoom and open the meeting on a computer or smart phone at the noticed meeting time.
  • By phone—please dial at the noticed meeting time (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 (408) 638-0968 or +1 (669) 900-6833 or +1 (253) 215-8782 or +1 (346) 248-7799 or +1 (301) 715-8592 or +1 (312) 626-6799 or +1 (646) 876-9923
    Webinar ID: 983 1150 7451

To comment in the meeting:

  • In the Zoom video conference—click the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when Public Comment is being taken on an eligible agenda item. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Instructions on how to “Raise Your Hand” are here.
  • By phone—please call on one of the above listed phone numbers. You will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing *9 to speak when Public Comment is taken. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Please unmute yourself by pressing *6.

If you have any questions, please email Noel Pond-Danchik, staff liaison to the commission.


TimeItem #Topic
6:001Teleconference Protocol/Roll Call/Determination of Quorum (5 minutes)
6:052Introductions and Welcoming New Commissioners (10 minutes)
The BPAC Chair will welcome new commissioners Alex Frank and Nick Whipps. Commissioners, presenters, and staff will have the opportunity to introduce themselves.
6:153Open Forum / Public Comment (10 minutes)
Members of the public may comment on any issue within BPAC’s subject matter jurisdiction. Comments on a scheduled agenda item will be heard with that item. The BPAC’s Open Forum Committee tracks Open Forum issues raised by the public. The Committee reviews the public comments on a periodic basis to identify policy issues for discussion by the Commission. To request City services, please contact the City of Oakland Call Center (311).
6:254Approval of meeting minutes (5 Minutes)
Seek motion to adopt the December 2021 BPAC minutes.
6:305Renewal of Resolution to Continue Teleconference Meetings (5 minutes)
The Commission will consider renewing a resolution determining that conducting in-person meetings of the Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission and its committees would present imminent risks to attendees’ health, and electing to continue conducting meetings using teleconferencing in accordance with California Government Code Section 54953(e), a provision of Assembly Bill 361 (AB-361).
6:356Nominations & Elections for BPAC Chair and Vice Chair (10 minutes)
Staff will facilitate nominations and elections for 2022 BPAC Officers, following the process described in BPAC’s By-Laws.
6:457Recent Bicyclist- and Pedestrian-Related Crashes (5 minutes)
Commissioner Schader will lead the commission in a discussion of recent fatal and other high-profile traffic crashes in Oakland involving bicyclists and pedestrians.
Per the latest Oakland Police Department (OPD) Fatality Tracking Data there were 25 confirmed traffic fatalities in 2021, eight of which involved a pedestrian, two involved a motorcyclist, one involved a scooterist, and two involved a bicyclist. This total does not include the Oct 28th crash at 7th St and Madison St where a pedestrian was transported to the hospital with severe head injuries.
No new bicyclist or pedestrian related crashes have been shared by OPD to OakDOT since the December 2021 BPAC Meeting Agenda was posted.
6:508Slow Streets–Essential Places Program Update (35 minutes)
Megan Wier and Jason Patton, OakDOT staff in the Safe Streets Division, will present on upcoming changes to the Slow Streets–Essential Places Program in response to the ongoing and changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes include removing the temporary Slow Streets and Essential Places materials, including temporary street closures, and shifting efforts to longer term strategies for pedestrian safety and neighborhood traffic calming.
7:259Committee Overviews, Report Backs, and New Assignments (15 minutes)
Committees of the BPAC will provide brief overviews and updates to the Commission. All commissioners will be given the opportunity to volunteer for, switch, or remove themselves from the Commission’s committees and liaison positions. A list of active committees is included in the agenda packet and here.
7:4010Three-month agenda look-ahead (below), suggestions for meeting topics, announcements (below) (10 minutes)

Three-month agenda look-ahead


  • San Pablo Corridor Plan (tentative)
  • 14th Street Project Update (tentative)
  • OakDOT Organizational Update (tentative)


  • Safe Oakland Streets Initiative Update (tentative)
  • General Plan Update (tentative)
  • Bike to Work Day Planning
  • Transportation Development Act Article 3 (TDA) Grant Recommended List of Projects (tentative)
  • Annual Major Development Projects (tentative)


  • Meeting with the Mayor (tentative)
  • School Safety Crossing Guards (tentative)
  • Presentation from the Mayor’s Commission on Aging (tentative)
  • Parking Enforcement (tentative)
  • Biannual Paving Update (tentative)


  • BPAC Infrastructure Committee:
    The Jan. 6th BPAC Infrastructure Committee meeting has been rescheduled to Thursday, January 27th, 3:30-5:30 pm. Agenda items include: the 14th Street Safety Project 65% design review and a Rapid Response Program update. Join the meeting on Zoom here.
  • OakDOT Recruitments:
    OakDOT is looking to hire Assistant Engineers and School Crossing Guards:
    • Applicants for the Assistant Engineer I that will graduate in December 2021 or Spring 2022 with a Civil Engineering degree are now eligible to apply for the Assistant Engineer I position. More information on the Assistant Engineer I position is here, and more information on the Assistant Engineer II position is here.
    • The first round of hiring for new crossing guards is underway and another round is beginning this month. If you or someone you know is interested in applying to be a crossing guard, please email oakdothumanresources@oaklandca.gov.
  • Ney Avenue Interim Traffic Calming Installation:
    OakDOT staff installed the first elements of the Ney Neighborhood Traffic Calming Plan. To reduce cut-through traffic, water-filled barriers were installed at the intersection of Ney Ave and 75th Ave. Traffic on Ney Ave in both directions will only be allowed to turn left at 75th Avenue while traffic on 75th Avenue will only be allowed to turn right. Additionally, parking will be prohibited for 15-20 feet in advance of the intersection. This is an interim measure with quick-build materials, with concrete construction planned in the next year. Design work continues for additional measures, including speed humps, traffic circles, and bulb-outs, which are planned and funded for implementation before June 2023.
  • California Bicycle Summit in Oakland, April 6-9, 2022:
    The California Bicycle Coalition (CalBike), a statewide advocacy organization, is planning its biennial summit to be held in downtown Oakland on April 6-9, 2022. Organizers are expecting 250-350 attendees who will be hosted at local venues including the California Ballroom and Oakstop. Telegraph Ave is proposed to be closed between 17th St and 18th St during the days of April 7 and 8 to provide an “outdoor lobby” for the Summit.
  • RAISE Grant Awarded for Reconnecting the Town Project:
    In collaboration with the City Administrator Office and Oakland Department of Transportation, the City of Oakland applied for $25 million from the USDOT Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) Discretionary Grant program, formerly known as TIGER/BUILD on July 2021.
    In November 2021, the Project, Reconnecting the Town: Enhancing Oakland’s Civic Hub through Safe, Reliable, and Equitable Active Transportation, was awarded $14.5 million that need to be obligated by September 2029. Staff is currently working on accepting the grant and strategizing implementation timelines.
    The project will improve access to the waterfront and enhance connectivity between West Oakland, Old Oakland, Chinatown, Downtown, Uptown, Jack London District along the Martin Luther King Jr Way and Broadway corridors. This project will close Martin Luther King, Jr. Way bikeway gaps between 2nd St and San Pablo Ave, and continue Broadway bus-only lanes to create 1.25 miles of continuous north-south connection between Embarcadero West and Grand Avenue.
    Bus reliability and pedestrian enhancements will be installed on Broadway between Embarcadero West and 11th Street and 20th Street to Grand Avenue, and a protected bikeway and pedestrian improvements on Martin Luther, Jr. Way between 2nd St and 7th/8th Street (supplementing improvements for the Cycle 3 AHSC MLK Bike Lanes Project).

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