Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 6 Grant Applications

At the February 17, 2022 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Transportation Planner Julieth Ortiz presented on the proposed transportation projects for the Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 6 and provided an update on the status of projects from previous ATP awards. ATP is a biannual competitive funding opportunity for projects that encourage increased bicycling and walking. The ATP is a state-administered program that distributes both state and federal funds. Applications for this year are due in June. The full presentation is below.

The projects currently under consideration are:

  1. Bancroft Ave Greenway, Design (previously submitted, ATP Cycle 5)
  2. 73rd Ave – Active Connections to Transit, Construction
  3. Coliseum Bay Trail Connector (66th Ave), Design & Construction (previously submitted, ATP Cycle 4)
  4. LAMMPS Phase 2, Design & Construction
  5. 27th Street Complete Streets, Construction
  6. Market Street Pedestrian Improvements


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