Safe Oakland Streets (SOS) Initiative Update

At the June 16, 2022 BPAC meeting, OakDOT Policy & Intergovernmental Affairs Advisor Nicole Ferrara presented updates on the Safe Oakland Streets (SOS) Initiative. SOS was launched in 2021 with the primary goal of preventing severe and fatal crashes and related disparities impacting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities, persons with disabilities, seniors, children, and low-income populations. The presentation includes an overview of the initiative, progress made in 2021, and focal points for work in 2022 and beyond.

An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation.

Strategy 2: Engineering — Opportunities

  1. Focus on projects that merit improvements through established data-driven prioritization processes focusing resources on the HIN and in High Priority Equity Communities
  2. Address City of Oakland recruitment and retention issues
  3. Streamline and improve the contracting process with Community Based Organizations

Strategy 6: Enforcement — Traffic Stops Focused on High-Injury “Network” in 2021

  • Over 50% of traffic stops were on the HIN and in Priority Equity Neighborhood
  • 68% of the HIN is in High Priority Equity Neighborhoods
  • 71% of traffic stops were on the HIN


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