August 2022 BPAC Agenda

Thursday, August 18, 2022; 6:00-8:00 pm
View and download the full agenda packet [8mb PDF].


Andrew Campbell, Alexander Frank, Grey Gardner, Michael Lok, Phoenix Mangrum, David Ralston, Patricia Schader (Chair), Nicholas Whipps, Dianne Yee (Vice-Chair)

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-29-20 [PDF], all participants will join the meeting via phone/video conference and no teleconference locations are required.


To join the meeting:

  • By video conference—please click on this link to download Zoom and open the meeting on a computer or smart phone at the noticed meeting time.
  • By phone—please dial at the noticed meeting time (for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location): US: +1 (408) 638-0968 or +1 (669) 900-6833 or +1 (253) 215-8782 or +1 (346) 248-7799 or +1 (301) 715-8592 or +1 (312) 626-6799 or +1 (646) 876-9923
    Webinar ID: 983 1150 7451

To comment in the meeting:

  • In the Zoom video conference—click the “Raise Your Hand” button to request to speak when Public Comment is being taken on an eligible agenda item. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Instructions on how to “Raise Your Hand” are here.
  • By phone—please call on one of the above listed phone numbers. You will be prompted to “Raise Your Hand” by pressing *9 to speak when Public Comment is taken. You will be permitted to speak during your turn, allowed to comment, and after the allotted time, re-muted. Please unmute yourself by pressing *6.

If you have any questions, please email Noel Pond-Danchik, staff liaison to the commission.


TimeItem #Topic
6:001Teleconference Protocol/Roll Call/Determination of Quorum/Introductions (10 minutes)
6:102Open Forum / Public Comment (10 minutes)
Members of the public may comment on any issue within BPAC’s subject matter jurisdiction. Comments on a scheduled agenda item will be heard with that item. The BPAC’s Open Forum Committee tracks Open Forum issues raised by the public. The Committee reviews the public comments on a periodic basis to identify policy issues for discussion by the Commission. To request City services, please contact the City of Oakland Call Center (311).
6:203Approval of meeting minutes (5 Minutes)
Seek motion to adopt the June 2022 BPAC minutes.
6:254Renewal of Resolution to Continue Teleconference Meetings (5 minutes)
The Commission will consider renewing a resolution determining that conducting in-person meetings of the Bicyclist & Pedestrian Advisory Commission and its committees would present imminent risks to attendees’ health, and electing to continue conducting meetings using teleconferencing in accordance with California Government Code Section 54953(e), a provision of Assembly Bill 361 (AB-361).
6:305Recent Bicyclist- and Pedestrian-Related Crashes (15 minutes)
Chair Schader will lead the commission in a discussion of recent fatal and other high-profile traffic crashes in Oakland involving bicyclists and pedestrians.
• On Monday, 7/18/22 at 10:11pm, a Black male pedestrian was fatally struck by a driver on Bancroft Ave at 62nd Ave.
• On Saturday, 7/23/22 at 11:53pm, a 63-year-old white male bicyclist was fatally struck by a driver on Jackson St at 14th St.
6:456Sidewalk Blocking (25 minutes)
Kerby Olsen, New Mobility Supervisor at OakDOT, will present on the department’s draft proposal to address sidewalk parking through a combination of community outreach and education, street modifications and parking enforcement.
7:107OakDOT Applications to Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Grant Cycle 11 (25 minutes)
Julieth Ortiz, OakDOT Transportation Planner, will share a quick overview of the crash data-driven HSIP grant program and the current proposals to request funds to implement HSIP-eligible countermeasures that focus on intersection safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. The applications are due September 12th. Following the overview of the grant program, Dean Hsiao, OakDOT Supervising Transportation Engineer, will share an overview of pedestrian signals and leading pedestrian intervals.
7:358Committee Report-Back (10 minutes)
Committees of the BPAC will provide brief updates to the Commission. A list of active committees is included in the agenda packet and on the BPAC webpage.
7:459Three-month agenda look-ahead (below), suggestions for meeting topics, announcements (below) (10 minutes)

BPAC Commissioner Recruitment and Appointment Process

  1. July BPAC Meeting – Recruitment process begins. Process and recruitment is discussed with the BPAC. A Recruitment Committee is formed to organize outreach, evaluate applications and make advisory recommendations for the Mayor’s office.
  2. July BPAC Meeting through one week before September BPAC Meeting. Applicants apply through
  3. One week before September BPAC Meeting, Application Due Date – Applications are due by this date to be considered as part of BPAC’s review for this year’s application cycle. Staff retrieves applications from the Mayor’s office; staff compiles a table of applicants’ council district of residence and the nearest major intersection to their residence.
  4. September BPAC Meeting – Staff provides the packet of applications to the Review Committee, allowing for a three‐week review period.
  5. October BPAC Meeting Agenda Packet – Staff redacts personal contact information from the applications so applications can be included in BPAC’s October agenda packet. If available, the Recruitment Committee’s recommendation is included in the agenda packet.
  6. October BPAC Meeting – Recruitment Committee makes a recommendation to the Commission and the Commission adopts a recommendation.
  7. After October BPAC Meeting – Staff submits the BPAC’s recommendation to the Mayor’s Office.
  8. Sometime in November or December – The Mayor recommends candidates to City Council and City Council appoints the candidates by resolution.
  9. January – The new commissioners are sworn in and take office.

Three-month agenda look-ahead


  • BPAC Commissioner Appointment Recommendations
  • School Safety Crossing Guards, Paul Cirolia
  • Introduction to OakDOT Director Fred Kelley
  • East Bay Greenway Updated Design


  • Rapid Responses to Fatal Traffic Crashes
  • West Oakland LINK, Gavin Lohry (tentative)
  • Mayor & Transportation Advisor to the Mayor (tentative)


  • BART Projects (tentative)
  • Paving Plan Update (tentative)
  • Annual Major Development Projects (tentative)


  • BPAC Agenda Sign-Up List:
    Sign up to receive these BPAC agendas by email.
  • Paint the Town Murals:
    The Paint the Town Program recently completed one mural and has one upcoming mural painting event. To explore the locations of Paint the Town street murals please view our map. OakDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Program staff facilitate the mural events in coordination with partner organizations EastSide Arts Alliance and Safe Passages, the OakDOT Permit Counter, and the OakDOT Traffic Maintenance Section.
    • Keisha Henderson, the Rebirth Anthem, with Bike East Bay and WOBO, organized a mural painting event with neighbors to paint the town on Scoville St at 55th Ave on July 23rd.
    • Cori Moreland is organizing a Pride mural painting event to paint the town on 18th St between San Pablo Ave and Telegraph Ave on August 27th and 28th.
  • 11th Ave/E 19th St Diagonal Diverter Bicycle Passageway:
    Construction of a new bicycle passageway through the existing diagonal traffic diverter at 11th Avenue and E 19th Street is complete. The design of the passageway was informed by feedback from the community that the bicycle passageway should not interfere with the community-maintained Buddhist shrine in the location and should be designed to discourage cars from bypassing the traffic diverter.
  • OPD – DOT Reorganization Update:
    • Effective July 1, 2022, OakDOT is responsible for addressing abandoned autos. In 2021, abandoned autos made up 13% of all authorized tows made by the City of Oakland.
    • The Parking Citation Assistance Center was reorganized into OakDOT in November 2021.
  • Violence Prevention through Engineering Design Pilot Program in support of the NEST Initiative:
    • In May, speed bumps were installed on E 15th St between 15th and 22nd avenues by OakDOT’s in-house paving team as part of a pilot program where OakDOT supports violence prevention measures by installing engineering measures in public right-of-way. In addition to the speed bumps, OakDOT’s street lighting team also completed lighting upgrades along the corridor.
    • In response to four homicides in the Lakeshore Ave cul-de-sac area in the six months earlier this year, OakDOT staff implemented the following near-term changes utilizing the NEST funding: removed the overnight parking restriction signs, installed red curb to reduce the number of parking spaces, increased the brightness of eleven streetlights.
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP 8) Fruitvale Ave Project:
    OakDOT finished construction of the project in June. The project installed bike and pedestrian safety improvements to the Fruitvale Corridor between E 12th Street and E 22nd Street. OakDOT is currently working to restore on-street parking along Fruitvale Avenue.
  • Sideshow Prevention Pilot – 42nd Avenue/I-880 On-Ramp (The Pit):
    Caltrans installed sideshow prevention treatments at The Pit last week. The treatments included Bott’s Dots and traffic delineators. The location is one of five in Phase I of the Sideshow Prevention Pilot.
  • Rapid Response: International Boulevard and 16th Ave Rapid Response:
    Safety improvements in response to a pedestrian fatality on May 31st were completed on July 21, 2022, and included pavement markings (additional “Bus only” pavement markings, adding through/right pavement arrows) and signage (additional “No U-turn/No left turn” signs on International Blvd., increasing the size of the existing “No U- turn/No left turn” signs on signal mast arms). The changes are designed to heighten the message to drivers that left turns are restricted from International onto 16th and that driving in the bus lane is prohibited.
  • 15 MPH Signage at Schools:
    Staff completed the installation of the new speed limit of 15mph signage at all 10 schools identified to receive signage before school started the week of August 8th. More information here, including the 10 additional elementary schools that will receive signage by the end of the year.

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