Sidewalk Parking

At the August 18, 2022 BPAC meeting, Kerby Olsen, New Mobility Supervisor at OakDOT, presented on the department’s draft proposal to address sidewalk parking through a combination of community outreach and education, street modifications and parking enforcement.

An excerpt is below, followed by the full presentation.

Sidewalk parking

  • Is illegal (even if sidewalk is not fully obstructed)
  • Obstructs the public right-of-way, creating potential safety hazards
  • Negatively affects all sidewalk users, but especially persons with disabilities, seniors, children and people with strollers
  • Tends to occur more often on narrow streets
  • May be increasing as vehicles get wider
  • Parking in driveway while blocking sidewalk is also illegal

Education and outreach

  • Press release
  • City Council informational report
  • Letters to homes on narrow streets
  • Visiting Neighborhood Service Council meetings
  • Given limited staff resources, outreach needs to be targeted to streets where this is an issue

Street changes are the long-term solution but will take longer to install.

We’d want to hear from neighbors which they prefer:

  • Two-way to one-way conversion OR
  • Restricting parking on one side


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