Adeline St Paving/Road Diet

At the January 12, 2023 BPAC Infrastructure Meeting, Robert Prinz, committee co-chair, presented this project for discussion. “Previous” photo on top via google maps, “After” photos on bottom by Robert.

Presentation notes

  • Verbal presentation on project background from public perspective
    • Robert noticed extensive utility work on Adeline Street in West Oakland which resulted in repaving for a long segment that was recommended for bike lanes in the bike plan.
      • Followed up with bike program staff to ask if coordination with the utility on re-striping with bike lanes was possible, instead up just re-striping to previous configuration.
      • Also followed up with some West Oakland resident contacts and a bike shop owner, who in turn followed up with Councilmember Fife, who in turn followed up with the DOT to express support for the effort.
    • Robert checked in a few times with staff for updates, but for the most part stayed out of their way from that point on.
    • Several months later, the new striping was installed, including a road diet with buffered bike lanes from 35th St to 18th St, and new high-visibility crosswalks at multiple locations.

Discussion notes

  • Staff also noticed utility work on Adeline, and were investigating it when community members also contacted staff, as well as Councilmember Fife’s office who coordinated with the OakDOT director to follow up.
    • Staff got to work and put together striping plan and cost estimate within 10 calendar days—Was somewhat disruptive by being made a priority right away, but also fun to be able to put together a plan in short order.
    • Similar to existing paving plan coordination with EBMUD on coordination and cost sharing.
  • Opportunity is replicable. Next opportunity is likely Keith Ave from College to Broadway, also a PG&E gas line replacement project. Staff is coordinating with them on full-width paving as well as bike lane upgrades, possibly in March 2023
    • Keith/Broadway upgrade will include upgrades to existing plastic posts to a more durable type.
  • On Adeline so much of the roadway was repaved that it made a significant upgrade was possible. The roadway had prior approval for upgrades via the bike plan and West Oakland Specific Plan.
  • The surprise for staff was how amenable PG&E were to working on this. Right-of-way staff were responsible for coordination.
  • Adeline Street median space was striped at 4 feet in order to create enough space for future concrete pedestrian refuge island installations.
  • Staff are now getting proactive lists of upcoming PG&E utility activities to be able to identify opportunity locations. There is a separate and better established process with EBMUD.

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