2023 Strategic Planning

At the April 20, 2023 BPAC meeting, BPAC Chair Dianne Yee presented the BPAC 2023 Strategic Plan for adoption, which the Commission revised from the 2022 Strategic Plan at the March 30, 2023 Special Meeting. The Commission also continued discussion on the status of Committee meetings—whether the Infrastructure and Legislative Committees will begin to meet in-person.

2023 BPAC Goals

  1. Be strong advocates for bicyclist and pedestrian safety and hold the city accountable.
  2. Be a two-way conduit for information on bicyclist and pedestrian projects.
  3. Encourage equity-driven investments and policies and increase community involvement in high-injury and historically underserved areas. 
  4. Build relationships with policymakers and provide feedback on policies that affect walking and bicycling in Oakland.

The full presentation is below.

2022 BPAC Strategic Plan

2023 BPAC Strategic Plan

Summary of discussion

  • The BPAC Infrastructure Committee is a good forum to help the BPAC ensure that projects relating to the City’s Paving Plan incorporate the Pedestrian and Bicycle Plans.
  • Ad-hoc committees of a Commission do not meet the State’s definition of a legislative body, though they may be composed solely of members of the legislative body.
  • Follow-up with the City Attorney’s Office is required to learn:
    • Whether activities of the Infrastructure Committee and Legislative Committee may be re-
      framed as a rolling series of ad-hoc committees based on more specific topics and/or timeframes;
    • How frequently and for how many occurrences an ad-hoc committee may meet;
    • Whether members of the public may participate in meetings of ad-hoc committees.
  • The Open Forum Committee, Planning Commission Review Committee, and Recruitment Committee could be disbanded.
  • The Bicycle Pedestrian Police Relations Committee could become a liaison between the BPAC and the Oakland Police Department.
  • A motion to adopt the BPAC’s 2023 Strategic Plan was made (Frank), seconded (Lok), and approved unanimously by roll call vote with the following Commissioners voting in favor: Campbell, Frank, Gardner, Lok, Ralston, Schader, and Yee.

2 thoughts on “2023 Strategic Planning

  1. I would like to initiate a bike hub/Cafe Truckat 7th Street Oakland to increase BART, Amtrak and Greyhound ridership, as well as an EV mini van to drive seniors, and parents with kids to BART stations and the train, e.g. Rockridge, BARt. What phone number would I call to speak to Kevin Olsen, or someone who is working on the EV bike share plan?


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