AC Transit: East Bay Bus Rapid Transit

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Steven Jones from AC Transit gave a presentation on the recently completed East Bay Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line, branded as “Tempo”. “Tempo” opened to riders on Aug 09, 2020.

Notes from the discussion, and the presentation are below.


  • Committee forwarded a list of concerns to AC Transit before meeting, including concerns around lane striping, signal timing/actuation, and training/policy. How much follow-up can still be done by AC Transit versus by others?
    • North of 42nd Ave is Oakland right-of-way, south of 42nd Ave is Caltrans. AC Transit project is almost entirely complete, so follow-up will likely need to be handled by others.
  • Garrett suggests forming a smaller follow up sub-committee to review specific concerns and find out which can be addressed still via the AC Transit project. Committee members will follow up directly to coordinate.
  • Some issues may be in AC Transit’s interest to adjust, even if built as planned, including pedestrian signal timing.
    • Some of the pedestrian signal timing issues may have been related to signal control problems—now resolved.
  • Drivers are parking in the bike lane, especially around the community market near 56th Ave, and also between 73rd and 105th Aves.
    • AC Transit’s BRT outreach team has been disbanded, so any communications follow-up will have to be done by others.
    • Interested in focusing on non-enforcement solutions.


A $232 Million Investment in the Community

  • 9.5 miles of new curb-to-curb pavement, providing a smoother and safer ride
  • 8 miles of new bike lanes, making it safer for cyclists to navigate the East Bay
    • 25 bike racks installed at median stations
    • On-board racks can hold up to three bikes
  • 35 new signals to slow traffic and save lives
  • 515 new curb ramps that enhance mobility for people using wheelchairs and strollers
  • More than 450 new high visibility crosswalks that increase pedestrian safety
  • 254 trees and new landscaping along the corridor
  • 11 platforms with unique, artistically enhanced wind- screens and handrails designed by local artists

Key Features

  • Bus-only lanes increase travel speed and reduce traffic delays
    • $110 fine for parking in the bus only lane
  • New traffic signal technology allows buses to bypass traffic
  • 27 60-foot long, low emission buses with 5 doors
  • 46 station platforms approx. every one-third of a mile
    • Sloped sidewalks for easy station access
    • LED lighting and platform cameras for added safety
    • Real-time arrival displays and public address system
    • Clipper card readers and ticket vending machines
    • Level boarding
  • Platform Agents

Service & Frequency

  • Tempo Line 1T runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to connect riders, communities, and neighborhoods to the things that move them.
  • Tempo provided fare free service for 90 days, from Aug. 09 – Nov. 09

COVID-19: Service Response

  • Rear-door boarding and free fares​
  • Seating limits service to allow onboard physical distancing (about 20-25% of capacity)
  • Temporary plexiglass barriers to protect operators
  • Onboard positive pressure ventilation
  • Daily fogging to disinfect vehicles
  • Sanitizing coaches at the close of daily service (all onboard hard surfaces)
  • Daily sanitization of AC Transit facilities
  • PPE for staff, including gloves, masks and hand sanitizer
  • Masks and hand sanitizer for riders

View the full presentation below or download it here [PDF].

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