East Bay Greenway: Phase 2

At the December 03, 2020 Infrastructure Committee meeting, Manuel Corona gave a presentation on East Bay Greenway Phase II.

Notes from the discussion, and the presentation and 65% design plans are below.


  • Getting bike riders between the 2-way path and one-way bike lanes is tricky and can result in a lot of waiting. Are there any opportunities for a bikes-only signal phase or other treatments to make crossings easier?
    • Signal work isn’t funded via this project, but will look into options.
  • Can physical protection be added to the curbside buffered bike lane segments that aren’t next to parking? With no protection, current curbside car parking spots will likely continue to be used as parking, despite bike lane striping and red curbs.
    • Will look into it. Parking along BART frontage was never official anyway, so it’s not technically lost parking spaces, but changing behaviors is still a challenge.
  • The 2-stage turn bike waiting area at San Leandro St and Hegenberger is shown as paint-only, which doesn’t look very safe or comfortable. Can this be upgraded to concrete or other physical separation?
    • Will look into it.


Project background

  • FTA and AHSC funding used for this portion of EB Greenway
  • Continuation of first segment of trail already built east of Coliseum BART (73rd to 85th) completed November 2019
  • Grant used to incorporate striping improvements to connect 69th to 75th (Bike lanes)

Project limits & scope

  • Multi-use Trail
  • Pedestrian-scale lighting
  • Crossing Improvements at Seminary, 66th and 69th Avenue
  • Fencing
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Street trees
  • Bike lanes from 69th to 75th (connection to existing EB Greenway)
  • Three years of bike education workshops for Coliseum Place affordable housing residents

Project timeline

  • Project currently at 65% design
  • 100% design by March 2021
  • Construction: January through June 2023

View the full presentation below or download it here [PDF].

65% Design Plans, signage & striping

East Bay Greenway: Seminary Avenue to 69th Avenue
and San Leandro Bike Lanes Connection to 75th Avenue

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