Grand Ave Mobility Project Update

At the February 4th, 2021 BPAC Infrastructure Committee meeting, Hank Phan, OakDOT transportation planner, presented an update on the Grand Avenue Mobility Project. This is the presentation he gave to a focus group meeting with bus riders. View the project website and the survey with an interactive map.

Notes from the presentation and discussion are below.


  • Currently in Phase 1 of engagement (of 3). Phase 2 will involve actual design concepts.
  • About 2.5 miles of Grand Ave being considered via this project, Mandela Parkway to MacArthur Blvd.
  • Phase 1 of engagement was supposed to wrap up in February, but was impacted by shelter-in-place and extended through the rest of 2021 (though likely won’t take that long)
  • Three segments: West Oakland, Downtown, Adams Point
    • West Oakland segment has some of the lowest level of infrastructure, like number of crosswalks. Driver yield rates to pedestrians were measured at each intersection. West Oakland was lowest. – Missing sidewalk segments were also identified.
  • West Grand in West Oakland will be getting buffered bike lanes soon with the upcoming paving, but more substantial interventions are needed.
  • The interactive engagement map and survey is still open.
  • Community partners:
    • West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
    • EBALDC (East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation, affordable housing developer) – placing chalkboards streetside with questions for people to write in responses
    • Black Film Guild – providing scholarships and working with students to create films about the neighborhood
    • New stakeholders and focus groups: Trucking groups, multi-generational families


  • Have councilmembers been engaged?
    • Yes, project is mostly in District 3, previously Councilmember McElhaney’s office. Lots of contacts—200 person list.
  • Where are the chalkboards?
    • Grand/Brush, Grand/Adeline, Grand/Mandela
  • Are outcomes of outreach going to be used for any other future city projects, opportunities?
    • It wasn’t intended from the start, but staff are learning a lot. Maybe not with smaller projects but yes for the longer term.
  • Has school district been involved?
    • A few community partners associated with McClymonds High School but school coordination has been complicated this year. We’ve been reaching the youth population largely through other groups.
  • Any major constraints affecting this project?
    • Railroad tracks in West Oakland
    • Major trucking route in West Oakland
    • Changes in corridor from area to area make a cohesive approach throughout difficult—land use changes between areas (residential, commercial, etc.)

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