BPAC 2021 Legislative Committee Recommendations

At the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, BPAC Legislative Committee Lead Commissioner Gardner led the commission in a discussion about the Legislative Committee’s recommendations of priorities. The presentation is below.

Proposed BPAC Safety Priorities (Local Legislative)

  1. Street Safety Legislation
    • Flexibility to implement traffic calming measures as determined necessary
    • Standardize/Expedite neighborhood traffic calming installations and/or permits
  2. Quick Fix Traffic Calming Budget Request – Tactical temporary installations
    • Bollards (i.e. flex posts)
    • Paint for crosswalks
    • A-Frames
    • Other: Speed feedback signs, informal (i.e. planters)
  3. Speed Limit Reductions
    • Authority to Reduce Downward Around Schools, (and Parks, and other essential services)
    • Consider a Citywide 30mph Speed Limit Maximum
  4. Equitable Enforcement Strategies
    • Proposal to shift minor traffic enforcement to OakDOT
    • Red light camera pilot project (with privacy and equitable distribution provisions)

Potential Support for Other Non-Legislative Work

  • OakDOT Traffic Incident Dashboard (real time info on collisions, hit and runs, fatal and serious injury incidents) – seeclickfix data also?
  • Speed Management Plan
  • Speed tracking and project evaluations
    • Routine monitoring
    • Speed tracking before and after projects

Potential Support for State Legislation

  • Authorizing Automated Speed Enforcement — including equitable fees & privacy protections
  • Speed Limit Reductions — grant flexibility for localities to lower
  • Flexibility for cities to implement traffic calming without engineering study


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