Annual Update of Major Development Projects

At the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting, Catherine Payne and Audrey Harris, key members of the major projects review team, reported on current development applications under consideration (and recently approved), and shared how to participate in the application review process. The presentation is below, which highlights the four major projects in development:

  • 98th & San Leandro PUD (planned unit development): Multiple phase project, including new streets, 399 residential units, 9 work/live units, 2,500 sf ground floor retail. Market rate (no affordable units).
    Status: PUD and infrastructure FDP approved, 12/20
  • Lake Merritt BART TOD (transit-oriented development), ENA awarded 2018: 517 du (44% affordable), 500,000 sf commercial.
    Status: Application review underway.
  • Oakland Waterfront Ballpark District (aka Howard Terminal): Up to: 35,000 seat capacity sports stadium, 3,500 seat capacity entertainment venue, 2.27 million sf commercial development, hotel facilities, 18 acres open space, 3,000 dwelling units, 8,900 parking spaces (max).
    Status: Draft EIR publication anticipated in Q1, 2021.
  • West Oakland BART TOD: 762 dwelling units (20% affordable) in 3 buildings, 440,000 sf commercial (PUD approved 2/6/19).
    Status: FDPs for 2 buildings (including affordable housing) and infrastructure approved November 2020.

Tools for Delivering Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Reliance on Zoning Regulations:
    • 17.116 Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements
    • OMC 17.117 Bicycle Parking Requirements
  • Application of Conditions of Approval (SCAs #77-84)
  • Charging Transportation Impact Fees
  • Negotiating Community Benefit Opportunities
    • Development Agreements
    • Specific Plans (see LMSP for objective)
  • Conducting Design Review

Resources for finding out more about active project applications


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