2019 and 2022 Paving Plan Update

At the March 16, 2023 BPAC Meeting, Sarah Fine, Paving Program Manager, presented a final update on the 2019 3-Year Paving Plan and provided a status report on the adopted 2022 5-Year Paving Plan (5YP). Additional information about the 2022 5YP, including a map of streets and schedule, can be reviewed here.

An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation.

Progress Report: 5YP Year 1 to Date

  • At just five paved miles completed with less than six months remaining in the fiscal year, OakDOT will not meet its annual mileage goal of 55 miles.
  • Completed design mileage reflects work that is ready for construction. Completed design miles are also not on track for this six-month period, given that the annual target is 55 miles and completed design mileage is just under 30 miles.

Key Issues – Vacancies

  • Delay in Design
    • 33% vacancy rate in OakDOT’s pavement design team among assistant engineers, impacting OakDOT’s ability to both prepare design in-house and manage consulting contracts.
    • 38% vacancy rate in DOT’s paving crews, which impacts the City’s ability to staff full crews for paving, leading to less efficient scheduling and less mileage production
  • Lack of resilience
    • From February to June 2022 during supervisor’s leave of absence, staff who acted for the supervisor were doing three jobs: their own, their supervisor’s, and their assistant engineer’s.

Key Issues – Contracting

  • Lack of contracts and construction delays
    • All new contract paving work is approximately 9-12 months behind schedule due to lack of available contracts and delays in contract execution.
    • During this first six months of the 5YP, staff would have expected to complete 15-20 miles of contracted paving. Less than 2 miles of contracted paving work was completed during this period.
  • Consulting contract delays
    • Consultant work order processes that used to take 1-2 months are now taking 5-7 months, not counting period of performance.
    • This has delayed the start of new design projects, which will impact completed mileage for the next 12-18 months.

Key Issues – Construction (In-House)

  • Operational Issues
    • No miles were paved in November2022 due to an equipment issue with the City’s main milling machine.
    • No mileage was completed in December 2022 due to winter storms.
    • On average, OakDOT’s in-house crews pave 0.75 a month. During this six-month period, in-house averaged 0.3 miles a month.


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