Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 Grant Application

At the March 16, 2023 BPAC Meeting, Julieth Ortiz, Transportation Planner III in OakDOT’s Capital Finance Section, provided an overview of the Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3 Program, followed by an update of existing TDA-funded projects and a draft project list for fiscal year 2023-24. This year’s recommendation is to fund the design of two stairs and paths projects, including the Comstock stairs (#103) and stairs #206 (Trestle Glen). This item needs BPAC review for this TDA cycle. OakDOT is still ensuring that there is staff and contracting capacity to implement the proposed projects before committing to requesting funds this cycle.

An excerpt of the presentation is below, followed by the full presentation.

TDA Eligible Uses

  • Construction/engineering of a bicycle or pedestrian capital project
  • Maintenance of a multi-purpose path
  • Bicycle safety education program
  • Development of a comprehensive bicycle or pedestrian plans
  • Restriping Class II bicycle lanes.
  • Pedestrian safety education (February 24, 2016)

Preliminary TDA Prioritization

Paths & Stairs Program

  • Physical Condition (40%)
  • Proximity to Schools/Transit (30%)
  • Priority Equity Neighborhoods (30%)

How We Prioritized Projects:

  • Existing projects with funding needs
  • Project readiness
  • Ability to implement within 3 years
  • CIP data metrics & service area

Submitted Projects:

  • Stair Path #104 CCD #2 (E.14th Ave./Highland Hospital Area)
  • Comstock Stair Path CCD #2; First Priority (E.14th Ave./Highland Hospital Area)
  • Stair Path #206 CCCD #2; Second Priority
  • Stair Path #32 CCD#4; Third Priority (Hills/ Mid- High St. area)


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