February 2021 BPAC Announcements

Below are the announcements that were included in the February 18, 2021 BPAC meeting agenda packet.

OakDOT projects are recommended for Active Transportation Program (ATP) Cycle 5 statewide funding

Earlier this week, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) posted their final statewide funding recommendations [PDF] for Cycle 5 of the Active Transportation Program, which aims to increase walking and biking. OakDOT’s Planning and Project Development team is very excited to share that OakDOT is set to receive $14.1m in Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding for the 7th Street Connection Project and $17.3m in Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding for the East Oakland Neighborhood Bike Routes. Assuming all goes well with the state and the City of Oakland accepts the grant, our next step will be to initiate a Request for Proposals to hire a community based organization(s) to help us with additional engagement on the corridor and to help us refine the design. Draft schedules will be defined as contracts are executed with CTC.

  • 7th St Connection Project:
    This project has been in development since at least 2004 when the City worked with Walter Hood to create the Seventh Street Concept and Urban Design Plan, which planned for a restoration of some of the walkability and character of 7th Street. The West Oakland Specific Plan in 2014 strengthened the call for improvements on 7th Street, and the corridor was most recently identified as a safety priority in the 2019 Bike Plan and the 2020 Howard Terminal outreach conversations. This project will restore a vital link from the West Oakland community to Downtown Oakland, creating a safer and calmer connection for people walking, biking, taking the bus, and driving along 7th Street. The State ATP funds will pay for fully protected bike lanes for the entire corridor, along with safer intersection treatments, accessible bus stops, upgraded traffic signals, and new street trees on 7th Street.
  • East Oakland Neighborhood Bike Routes:
    The East Oakland Neighborhood Bike Routes project is a direct outgrowth of the 2019 Citywide Bike Plan Update, which used an equity lens to improve access to for people of all ages and abilities. In East Oakland, we heard that people ride for fun and to access local destinations, not only to get to work. We heard that new infrastructure is needed to connect to local neighborhood destinations such as libraries, parks, recreation centers, and schools. Four corridors: Hamilton St – Rudsdale St – D St – Royal Ann St between 69th Ave to 105th Ave, Foothill Blvd – Arthur St – Plymouth St between 64th Ave to 79th Ave, 81st Ave between San Leandro St to Bancroft Ave, and 85th Ave between San Leandro St to Bancroft Ave, were identified as short-term priority projects and align with City goals, including crash reduction projects, destination connectivity projects, gap closure projects and cost-savings projects. These four corridors will bring seven miles of repaving, sidewalk improvements, pedestrian crossing improvements, targeted traffic calming, and bike route signage and pavement markings. There’s still a lot of outreach and design refinement to do, and we look forward to working with you on those efforts.

OakDOT Bicycle Facilities Map updated

OakDOT’s bicycle facilities web map (bikeway network, projects, signage, and parking) has been updated with data through December 31, 2020; see oaklandbikemaps.info. The source files on Oakland’s Open Data platform were also updated at data.oaklandca.gov.

OakDOT submits grant applications for county Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding

OakDOT submitted applications to Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC) Capital Improvement Program (CIP) grant this month. For this CIP call, ACTC has indicated they will prioritize projects with high levels of readiness that can be constructed in the first two years of their CIP. Applicants are also limited to submitting three total projects. For that reason, OakDOT prioritized projects that are partially funded and need additional money to complete construction. Applications submitted include:

  • East Bay Greenway:
    Multi-use trail/widened sidewalk along San Leandro Street between Seminary Ave & 69th Avenue. Project is partially funded by the Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities (AHSC) Coliseum Connections Project. OakDOT is seeking $1,000,000 in Bike/Pedestrian Program funds to fill the construction funding gap and alleviate pressure on Measure KK.
  • 14th Street Project:
    Protected bike lanes, crossing improvements, and transit boarding islands on 14th Street between Brush Street and Oak Street. This project is partially funded by an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant. Seeking $1M in Bike/Pedestrian Program funds to close the funding gap.
  • West Oakland Transit Improvements:
    Scope of work was previously developed in partnership with AC Transit and West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project for the Sustainable Transportation Equity Program (STEP) grant. Project proposes to upgrade as many as 20 bus stops in West Oakland, along with removal of unused railroad tracks in one location. Includes planning funds to develop a mechanism for providing low-cost institutional transit passes for West Oakland community, as well as a pilot of the EasyPass program, should an administrator and eligible pool of participants be administered. OakDOT is currently seeking $2M in Transit Program funds.

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